Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan for the Town of Lincoln meets all provincial requirements as outlined within the Ontario Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans. As such, the following key sections and content are included:

  1. Executive Summary and Introduction
  2. State of the Current Infrastructure
  3. Desired Levels of Service
  4. Asset Management Strategy
  5. Financial Strategy

The following asset classes are addressed:

  1. Road Network: Paved roads, sidewalks, street lights
  2. Structures: Bridge and culverts with span greater than 3m
  3. Water Network: Water mains and facilities
  4. Sanitary Sewer Network: Sanitary sewer mains

This asset management plan will serve as a strategic, tactical, and financial document ensuring the management of the municipal infrastructure follows sound asset management practices and principles, while optimizing available resources and establishing desired levels of service.

At a strategic level, within the State of the Current Infrastructure section, it will identify current and future challenges that should be addressed in order to maintain sustainable infrastructure services on a long-term, life cycle basis.

It will outline a Desired Level of Service (LOS) Framework for each asset category to assist the development and tracking of LOS through performance measures across strategic, financial, tactical, operational, and maintenance activities within the organization.

At a tactical level, within the Asset Management Strategy section, it will develop an implementation process to be applied to the needs-identification and prioritization of renewal, rehabilitation, and maintenance activities, resulting in a 10 year plan that will include growth projections.

At a financial level, within the Financial Strategy section, a strategy will be developed that fully integrates with other sections of this asset management plan, to ensure delivery and optimization of the 10 year infrastructure budget.

      Asset Management Plan for the Town of Lincoln

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