Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention Program


The Town of Lincoln currently operates two separate water distribution systems. Drinking water can become contaminated due to what is known as backflow. One recent example of this is an Ontario carwash that accidentally released wash chemicals into the drinking water system. In another case, an Alberta veterinary office contaminated drinking water with dangerous bacteria. These contaminations occurred because connections “crossed” between the drinking water supply and a contamination source, and contaminants “backflowed” into the drinking water system.

In order to protect human health and drinking water quality, the Ministry of the Environment enforces the Safe Drinking Water Act, which, among other things, imposes a statutory obligation on owners of drinking water systems to show due diligence in maintaining water quality.

 As a result, the Town of Lincoln recognized a need to address the risk of backflow into its drinking water systems from privately owned properties. This is being achieved through the Backflow Prevention Program, as set out under Town of Lincoln By-Law 01-134 (as amended).

 The main components of the program involve:

 - A survey of the property to identify cross-connections, risks and the recommended type of backflow prevention device required,
- Installation of the required backflow prevention device, where needed, under a Town of Lincoln plumbing permit, and
- Maintenance and annual testing of the backflow prevention device.

 If this by-law applies to a property you own, and you have not yet installed a required backflow prevention device, or you are not having that device tested annually, read on—you must act quickly.


The following is a list of definitions for the Backflow Prevention Program:

Backflow - A reverse flow condition, created by a difference in water pressures, which causes potentially contaminated water to flow back into the distribution pipes of the drinking water supply from other sources.

Backflow Prevention Device - A device used to protect the water supply from contamination.

Cross-connection - Any physical connection or arrangement between drinking water and a source of contamination (suspect water, steam, gas or chemical) whereby a flow from one system to the other is possible.

More Information and Forms

To view the documents click on the links below:

Backflow Prevention Information Sheet

Backflow Prevention By-law No. 07-63

Town of Lincoln BFPP Installation Standard Drawing

Backflow Prevention Instructions for Annual Inspections

Cross Connection Survey Form

Permit Application Form

Backflow Prevention Device Inspection and Testing Report Form

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