Public Works Week

Celebrating Public Works

This year the Town of Lincoln is noting May 21 to May 27 as Public Works Week. The remarkable productivity of Public Works will be celebrated and showcased all week through various activities in the community and on social media.

The Public Works department is an instrumental function of the Town of Lincoln. It is responsible for executing capital construction projects, administering major operational programs and providing the ongoing maintenance of all physical infrastructure in Lincoln.

Public Works oversees the Town’s road, transportation and environmental services. In doing so, some operations include:

  • maintaining roads, storm sewers, bridges, culverts, sidewalks, streetlights and storm water management ponds
  • ensuring clean drinking water
  • reviewing development proposals
  • removing snow for seniors and individuals with disabilities
  • repairing potholes
  • brushing, trimming and removing rural trees
  • sweeping and cleaning streets
  • removing litter and animal carcasses
  • mowing rural roadside

Public Works consists of engineering technicians, labourers, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, and licensed water and wastewater operators.The skilled staff works hard every day to help make the Town a more beautiful, efficient, clean and safe place to live and visit. If you see them around town, don’t forget to thank them—not only this week, but always—for their dedication to Lincoln and its residents!

Read below for ten interesting facts about recent projects in Public Works…

1. The Town of Lincoln uses an asphalt overlay technique called pavement edging that is not only cost effective but also extends the service life of roads and enhances ride comfort.

2. The Town has set out seven capital projects for 2017 involving the municipal water systems; they address the design and construction of watermain replacements and fire hydrant installations.

3. Public Works collected 1,915 water samples, flushed 868 hydrants, and completed 1,012 work orders in 2016. They work around the clock to maintain Lincoln’s water distribution systems.

4. Lincoln is in the process of implementing a 40km/hr speed limit reduction on select urban streets with high pedestrian movement around parks, schools and playgrounds.

5. Nearly 145 kms of road over the past seven years have been redone! Roads are a top priority for this term of Council

6. 22 roads are to be resurfaced in 2017. That’s 27.9 km in one year alone!

7. The Town’s bridges and culverts are consistently inspected every two years to closely monitor their condition and to determine if replacement is required.

8. ‘Pavement preservation’ is the practice of regularly maintaining a road to maximize its life expectancy in order to free up time for repairing other more damaged roads.

  • Lincoln began this best practice in 2014
  • 93 kms of good roads have been restored
  • $8.8 million has been saved over the long term

9. Lincoln is working with the Niagara Region and Ontario government to facilitate and encourage Active Transportation by improving multi-use trails, cycle tracks, footpaths, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

10. By 2041, the vision for Niagara Region is to be supported by a transportation network that will establish Niagara as a trailblazer in sustainable transportation practices!




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