Compliance Audit Committee

The Municipal Elections Act, 1996, requires all municipalities and local boards to establish a Compliance Audit Committee by October 1 of an election year.

In compliance with the Act, the municipalities and school boards of the Niagara Region first cooperatively worked together to establish the Niagara Compliance Audit Committee in 2010.

The purpose of the Niagara Compliance Audit Committee is to:

 - Consider whether to grant or reject a compliance audit request made by an elector.

 - Where an audit is granted, appoint an auditor and review the auditor’s report.

 - In light of the auditor’s report, decide whether legal proceedings shall be commenced.

 - Advise municipal council or school board on the result of a compliance audit request.

Applicants wishing to sit on the Commtitee shall have:

 - Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of campaign financing rules under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended.

 - Demonstrated knowledge of quasi-judicial or administrative tribunals.

-  Availability and willingness to attend meetings throughout the Niagara Region.

 - Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Preference shall be given to applicants that have related experience in law, local government, accounting or academics from related fields.

The term of the Committee will commence in 2014 and continue through to 2018. Municipal Election Candidates have until March 27, 2015 to file their Financial Statements. Any requests for a Compliance Audit will occur after that date. While Compliance Audit requests for the 2014 Municipal Election must be submitted by June 25, 2015, a by-election could result in the need for the Niagara Compliance Audit Committee to sit any time during the new term of Council or School Board.

Remuneration, and appropriate mileage, is under review.

Resumes may be submitted through the Niagara Compliance Audit Committee website or dropped off at your municipal clerk’s office. More information is available through

The deadline for submitting applications to be appointed to the Niagara Compliance Audit Committee is Friday, August 22, 2014.

Compliance Audit Committee at Work

After the election, if an elector believes, on reasonable grounds, that a candidate has contravened the election finance rules set out in the Municipal Elections Act, that elector can apply for a compliance audit of the candidate's campaign finances. The application must be in writing, and must set out the reasons why the elector believes that the candidate has contravened the rules. Only an eligible voter is allowed to apply for a compliance audit.

Upon receipt of an application for a compliance audit, the Municipal Clerk will convene a meeting of the Niagara Compliance Audit Committee in accordance with the Committee's established procedures (see

The deadline for candidates to file their financial statements is the last Friday in March following the election (March 27, 2015). An application for a compliance audit must be submitted to the Municipal Clerk who conducted the election within 90 days of the filing deadline.

The deadline for a candidate to file a supplementary financial statement is the last Friday in September (September 25, 2015). If a candidate files a supplementary financial statement, an application for a compliance audit may be submitted within 90 days of the supplementary filing deadline.


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