Discharge of Firearms

Discharge of Firearms

On Monday November 5, 2007, the Council of the Town of Lincoln enacted a new by-law to regulate the discharge of firearms and other weapons within the limits of the municipality.

The new by-law, which replaces Town of Lincoln By-law No. 70-73, originally enacted on October 19, 1970, serves to:

  • update the definition of firearms in accordance with current Criminal Code of Canada wordings and also include weapons such as bows and paintball guns;
  • prohibit the discharge of all such weapons in designated urban areas and also include prohibition of such weapons:
    • on highways and public trails,
    • within the vicinity of highways and public trails if there is a potential for a projectile to intersect with the highway or trail,
    • within public centres (i.e. cemeteries, community centres, community sports facilities and schools), or
    • within the vicinity of public centres;
  • allow certain permitted firearms to be discharged for practice purposes on private property located away from urban boundaries and away from all neighboring dwelling units. Such discharges would be permitted only by the owner of the private property or by a person accompanied by the owner of the property;
  • allow bona fide hunters to discharge certain permitted firearms on private property outside of designated urban areas provided that they have first obtained permission from the owner or occupier of the property;
  • continue to permit farmers to discharge firearms to protect their crops;
  • establish a Council approval process to permit shooting competitions, practices or training events or the establishment of shooting ranges;
  • require every person discharging a firearm to ensure that any projectile from the firearm does not stray from the location or parcel of land on which they are legally entitled to discharge their firearm.

The By-law also includes mapping to reflect the Town's recently updated urban boundaries - being areas where firearms and designated weapons cannot be discharged.  A high definition map can be viewed here:

Town of Lincoln Discharge of Firearms Map

Town of Lincoln By-law No. 07-90 can be viewed in its entirety in our Virtual Library.

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