New for 2014

Approved Amendments to Regulations under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996

  • Ontario Regulation 303/13 (amends Regulation 101/97)

This regulation allows the nomination fee of a candidate to be paid by cheque, money order or by an electronic method of payment that the Clerk specifies.  For the purposes of the 2014 Town of Lincoln Municipal Elections, the Clerk has identified debit card payments as an approved electronic payment method.

  • Ontario Regulation 304/13 (replaces Regulation 500/09)

This regulation regarding Voter Identification removes the requirement to produce a document with a signature on it, and provides on list of acceptable documents showing name and address of an elector.


Potential Future Amendments to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

  • Bill 152, the Functioning Municipal Councils Act, 2013.

This Bill, which received First Reading on December 11, 2013, advances the date on which the term of offices governed by the Act would commence (from December 1 to the second Monday in November). The Bill, if passed, would also shorten the timeframe of vote recounts.  The Bill also amends penalties respecting campaign finances for candidates who incur campaign expenses exceeding the permitted amount, who fail to file the required documents regarding campaign finances or who fail to pay amounts required in relation to campaign surpluses. If a candidate incurred expenses exceeding the permitted amount, the candidate forfeits any office to which he or she is elected and is ineligible to be elected or appointed to office until after the next election. For the other defaults respecting campaign finances, the candidate is given 60 days to comply with the filing or payment requirement. Failure to comply results in forfeiture of the office and ineligibility to be elected or appointed to office until after the next election.


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