"Rural Access Road" Signs Erected on Town Roads

In June of 2006, Council, pursuant to Report PW 06-25 adopted a strategy to deal with both the liability and physical condition of its significant roads infrastructure, as well as to improve the continuity of its rural road network.  The details surrounding the implementation of this strategy were further detailed in Report PW 07-06, which Council adopted in April of 2007.

Briefly put, the strategy involved the establishment of a dedicated reserve fund to mitigate the financial impact of forecast road needs on taxes, as well as the identifying of a primary rural road network.  The primary rural road network was established in an effort to better address the needs of “through” vehicles, in particular trucks, by ensuring that when these roads were upgraded, that it was done to a standard more suitable for those vehicles.

Of equal importance is the recognition and treatment of “local roads” that are utilized primarily by residents and agricultural operators living in the area.  These roads form an integral part of the character of a rural community and require the same levels of service as set forth by the Minimum Maintenance Standards and Town Standards.  Nevertheless, tourists and others not familiar with the Town will also need to use these roads.  Accordingly, these local roads are currently posted with signs identifying them as “Rural Access Roads,” as well as speed limit advisory signs.  In this way, individuals not familiar with the area will be made aware that the road should not be expected to be of the same condition as a typical urban or rural through fare (ie. curb and gutter, wider platform width, etc.).  It is also felt that this initiative is consistent with the goals of the Region wide “Think and Drive” campaign, which aims to reduce accidents on Niagara roads.  For more information, please click:



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