2018 Municipal Election

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Election Information

The Town of Lincoln

  • The Mayor of the Town of Lincoln is elected  by all eligible electors of the Town of Lincoln.

  • The remaining eight (8) Members of Council are elected on a ward basis
  • The Town is divided into four geographic wards (see the Ward and Polling Subdivision Map) and eligible electors in each of those wards elect two candidates to sit as Members of Council to represent their ward, as well as the greater interests of the Corporation of the Town of Lincoln.

Council of the Regional Municipality of Niagara (Niagara Region)

  • New in 2018, the Regional Chair is elected, by all Niagara region eligible electors. The Regional Chair is head of Niagara Region Council.
  • A Regional Councillor (who represents the Town of Lincoln at Niagara Region Council) is elected by all eligible electors of the Town of Lincoln. The Mayor of the Town of Lincoln also sits as a member of Niagara Region Council.

School Board Trustees

  • Elect trustees to sit on one of the four district school boards which provide services in the area:
    • District School Board of Niagara (English Public School Board)
    • Niagara Catholic District School Board (English Separate School Board)
    • Conseil scolaire Viamonde (French Public School Board)
    • Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir (French Separate School Board)
  • Electors vote for trustee candidates based upon the board to which they have chosen to direct their education property taxes toward.

In addition, the opinion of electors may also be sought on one or more questions of municipal interest.

2014 Election Results

For more information, contact Town Hall and direct your inquiry to the Clerks Department


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