50 Faces of Lincoln: Mayoral Recipients

Mayoral Recipients

The following recipients were nominated by Mayor Sandra Easton.

Image of Roy Caja

Roy Caja is a deeply devoted volunteer involved at all levels of Scouting for 1st Beamsville. He is passionate about everything Scouting, and never hesitates to share his enthusiasm for outdoor adventures with others. Roy started as a Cub Scout many years ago and has been a full-time Leader now for 9 years. His main focus is on the outdoor aspects of youth activities like canoe events, survival skills, night hikes and geo-caching.

Photo of Lloyd Clark

Lloyd Clarke has been Scouting in Lincoln with 1st Beamsville for over 30 years and involved with the Lions Club since 2002, contributing to our community and youth for the better part of his life. He has been a mentor for many Scouters who have come and gone and all that are still with him. The Lions recognized him as president from 2016 to 2019 and you can find him at every community event in Lincoln working somewhere.

Image of Isobel Culp
Isabel Culp knows the importance of using her time productively and helping others. She is a shining example of how industrious children can be, how caring and concerned they are about the people who live in their community and how one person can make a significant difference in the world. One of her most successful plans, was collecting old glasses and frames to give to the local Lion’s Club for their vision program.

Photo of Trevor Doneghan
Trevor Donegan had a dream to have a skate park in Lincoln since he was 15. For 6 years he educated Council on the importance of the sport to youth, planned competitions and raised funds for the Skate Park Reserve. When the time came to plan the park, he was involved with public engagement and the Skate Park at Rotary Park opened in October 2020.

Photo of Fraser Earle
Fraser Earle has been on a long journey of collecting stories, photographs and vignettes about the Prudhommes property and has compiled these into a book. Neither an author nor an expert in photography, Fraser determined the importance of this property to the history of Lincoln should not be lost. Proceeds from the book were donated to the Lincoln Fund.

Photo of Cain Foster
Cain Foster is a young boy who pulled his wagon up and down streets in Vineland to collect and deliver food for the Village of Hope Food Drive. He has been shown by his family the value of helping others by giving his own time and energy to help others less fortunate. He is a role model for children and adults and represents many volunteers in the Lincoln community.

Image of Jennifer Haines
Jennifer Haines is a member of the Fry Family bringing her family legacy of the early Pennsylvania Mennonites who migrated to the Twenty Mile Creek to this project. As a local genealogist and historian, she has been called upon to edit the work of others, and alongside her husband Lloyd published a newsletter for years that focused extensively on pioneer families. It is through her work that our Town and its roots will be remembered.

Image of Brian Kon
At a time when we are celebrating 50 years of Lincoln, it is important that we recognize the legacy of the First Peoples who have lived in Lincoln. Brian Kon is a Métis visual artist and disability consultant. His unique artwork references the traditional beadwork of the Metis, and he often wears elements of traditional Metis clothing when attending ceremonies and events, including a sash and beaded vest.

Image of Margaret McClory
Margaret McClory is well known for her leadership in bringing the world of fine art to Lincoln via the County Fair. The Fair was a big venue where many children were introduced to their own talents because of Margaret’s teaching, organization and encouragement. Art classes of different types have been enjoyed by many across West Niagara with many pictures created of our local area that will be appreciated for years to come.

Image of Fred McKenzie
Fred McKenzie was the second Mayor of the Town of Lincoln from 1974-78 following many years in the political life of Louth and Clinton Townships as Councillor, Deputy Reeve, Reeve, Warden and Niagara Regional Councillor. He was a farmer for 50 years taking great pride in his peach orchards. Fred had a great work ethic and was committed to his craft as a politician as well as being active in supporting local clubs and the community.

Photo of Adrian Pennachetti
Adrian Pennachetti is an enthusiastic cyclist who presented the idea for a Bike Pump track to Mayor Sandra Easton in 2016.  He believed that a Bike Pump would be a great venue for children and for adults. As the park design progressed alongside the skate park, he brought both knowledge and experts to the project. The first municipal bike pump in Niagara opened at Serena Park in October 2020.  

Image of Isabella Pijl
Isabella Pijl wrote a letter to Mayor Easton asking to have a guardrail replaced near her home that had been pushed over as a result of an accident. Isabella judged it to be dangerous and wanted the Town to repair it as soon as possible. In taking the time to write and photograph her concerns, she influenced a speedy repair and demonstrated her concern for her community at an early age.

Image of Mike and Melanie Stevenson
For many years Mike and Melanie Stevenson have been involved in both Scouting in Vineland and the Volunteer Fire Department in Campden. Mike’s passion inspired some of his children to join the Fire Department as well. They have continued their scouting involvement, training senior youth and adults in first aid, and as a leader, helping to instill a knowledge of safety and love of the outdoors to youth in the community.

Image of James Wagner
James Wagner is known for his decades long chronicling of Lincoln through the medium of photography. His photos demonstrate our changing landscape as a community as well as the people, buildings, and the themes of multiple public events over many years. The value of James’ contribution to his hometown will be appreciated well beyond 2020.
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