50 Faces of Lincoln: Ward 3 Recipients

50 Faces of Lincoln: Ward 3 Recipients

The following recipients were nominated by Ward 3 Councillors Paul MacPherson and Mike Mikolic.

Image of Dick Catterall
Long-time member of Jordan Lions club for 50+ years, Dick Catterall believed in community, especially kids. He helped develop Jordan Lions Park including the pool. He was instrumental in development of softball in Jordan, coached a softball team at the Ontario Summer games. He was the Chairman of Arena design committee, and first President of Jordan Lions Minor Hockey with an annual tournament held in his honour.

Image of Sandy Clinton
Sandy Clinton, past President of the Jordan Lions Softball Association, committed countless hours over 20+ years to provide softball to the youth of Jordan & Vineland. Instrumental in the development of the Jordan Junebugs Girls Softball team that represented Lincoln at the 2003 Canadian Girls Softball Championships taking home the silver medal. A huge supporter of youth development in Lincoln.

Image of Mike Ecker
Mike Ecker, President of Vineland Growers Co-operative Ltd representing over 100 years of servicing its fruit growers and shippers, Mike is recognized for his leadership within the Co-operative and his support and strengthening of family farms in the Niagara region. He has overseen the Co-ops tremendous growth and commitment to Lincoln.

Image of Bill Hodgson
Former Mayor Bill Hodgson was elected trustee to Lincoln County Board of Education in 1993 and later chair of District School Board of Niagara following amalgamation. Was Mayor of Lincoln from 2003 to 2014 at a time of considerable change. Elected to Niagara Regional Council in 2014 before leaving municipal politics in 2018. Currently Chair of the Niagara Source Protection Committee.

Image of Clarence Honsberger
A humble lifelong farmer, inventor, and businessman Clarence Honsberger was always willing to lend a hand or offer support to those within the community. Founding partner of Jordan Frozen Foods and H&H&H Harvesting, while also being involved with the Vineland Growers Co-Op (his father, a founding member), he’s also the inventor of the Lincoln Lift, which you may have seen on many farms throughout the area.

Image of Cheryl Keddy-Scott
Cheryl Keddy-Scott is a strong advocate for those in need of a hand as Executive Director of The Village of Hope - whether it’s financial, emotional, or daily living here in Lincoln. She also was involved for many years within the education sector as a Trustee with the District School Board of Niagara connecting with residents on various issues including the consolidation of four schools in the Jordan, Vineland, and Campden areas.

Image of Ray Konkle
Former Mayor Ray Konkle spent over 25+ years in local politics and is Lincoln’s longest serving Mayor. Recognized and decorated by many organizations for his leadership role and a strong advocate of all things heritage, working with the Lincoln Archives & Vice Chair of JHMTVA, preserving history for all to enjoy. He sits on several local boards and is retired from farming.

Image of Katherine McKeever
Katherine McKeever was the co-founder of the Owl Foundation in Vineland, she had dedicated many years of her life to assisting injured or orphaned owls by rehabilitating them back to health with the hopes of releasing them back into the wild. Her accomplishments were honoured throughout the years by receiving many awards, both locally and internationally, including the Order of Canada.

Image of Terry Phillips
Terry Phillips, along with his wife Paula, are the faces of Butterball’s in Jordan serving many meals to hungry residents throughout the years while providing a unique flea market experience in Jordan. For many years, Terry, along with his family, have helped many local charitable organizations through various fundraising initiatives as well as offering free community BBQ’s.

Image of Sue-Ann Staff
Sue-Ann Staff is a successful, passionate, and inspiring woman raised on a multi-generational farm, and owns a winery. She’s been an active advocate for both the farming and wine communities by sitting on various boards and committees representing not only the farming and wine industry, but also tourism here in Lincoln.
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