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The Town of Lincoln is committed to open, fair, and transparent purchasing practices to get the best value for the taxpayer while encouraging competitive bidding in line with applicable treaties and trade agreements.


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The Town of Lincoln uses bidsandtenders™, a bidding service to review, register, and submit bids for goods and services online.


As of January 1, 2021, vendors who are interested in providing goods and services to the Town will be required to have a vendor account with bidsandtenders™. An unlimited subscription is available for an annual fee and includes access to all agencies using the program across Canada. For those who choose not to subscribe, there is a one-time fee per bid opportunity.

After creating a bidding system vendor account with bidsandtenders™, you can select commodity codes for goods and services that you supply. The bidding system will notify you of the bid opportunities matching these commodity code selections by email.  You can also see all open bids on the system even without a subscription.

The bidsandtenders™ platform uses real-time technology to give easy access to up-to-date information on bid opportunities. The program offers the following helpful features:

  1. Vendor dashboard to track and manage bids
  2. Automated email notifications of bid opportunities
  3. Ability to withdraw, edit changes and resubmit
  4. Built-in calculator to avoid mathematical errors
  5. Compliance checker
  6. Reminder notification if a bid has been started but not submitted

Tender Results

All tender results from January 1, 2021, and onward are available on bidsandtenders™ (search by contract number or status in the right corner).

For tender results prior to January 1, 2021, email




The Town of Lincoln is a participating member in the following associations:


The Town of Lincoln intends to participate in collaborative  group buying programs annually with the following organizations:

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