2018 Capital Budget

2018 Capital Budget Overview

The capital budget has the common goal of balancing the immediate and future needs, with consideration of affordability.  Capital projects and assets include such things as vehicles, roads, bridges, watermains, buildings, vehicles, and equipment. 

Capital Project Focus

Across Ontario, municipalities are faced with a growing infrastructure gap. Therefore, the development of a long-term capital forecast and the related financing strategy is needed to ensure our municipal infrastructure is maintained. The bulk of investments to date, especially over the past five years, in our capital spending have occurred in the transportation (roads, bridges, traffic control) and environment and safety service areas (water, wastewater and fire rescue).

2018 Capital Investments by Category and projected cost


Funding for Capital Projects

The Town uses various forms of financing to support the capital plan & projects including:

  • Transfers from reserves (planned savings)
  • Development charges
  • Long-term borrowing
  • Grants
  • Funding from other levels of government
  • Tax levy (current year taxes)



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