2019 Budget

2019 Budget

Budget Overview

Lincoln is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara

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The Town also continues to invest in basic services, as tax impacts over the past 10 years have allowed for sustained services, but no enhancements.

Affordability for our residents and businesses remains a focus in all decision-making:

  • Lincoln remains the second lowest in property taxes as a % of household income
  • Lincoln remains the fourth lowest in property taxes + water/wastewater as a % of household income

Overall Tax Levy Scenario 

2019 Blended Rate

In addition to the Town of Lincoln's portion (36%) of the tax bill, property taxes pay for the delivery of community programs and services by Niagara Region (51%) and the school boards (13%).

The impact to property taxes is a combination of these three agencies. It is this blended rate that a resident will see on their tax bill. This year’s blended rate is 3.70%.

While Lincoln’s levy % is higher, it is only 1/3 of the property tax bill impact. Lincoln’s overall tax bill dollar portion (what you actually pay) is less than Niagara Region’s dollar portion, which is 1/2 of your tax bill.

Table - Impact on Total Tax Bill per $100,000 of Residential Assessment

Agency Share of Tax Bill 2018 Taxes 2019 Increase  2019 Taxes
Town of Lincoln 36.52% 426.36 7.29% 457.43
Niagara Region 47.01% 567.08 3.83% 588.80
Region Waste Service 3.61% 44.26 2.10% 45.19


12.86% 170.00 -5.29% 161.00
Total 100% 1,207.70 ---------- 1,252.42

*Final impact, approved by Province

Overall Blended Rate = 3.70%
Overall increase to your tax bill from 2018 to 2019 = $44.72 (per $100,000 residential assessment)

Budget Impact to Property Taxes

Therefore, this year, the budget impact (3.70% blended rate increase) to a property tax bill are, per property assessment values of:

  • $100,000 = $44.72
  • $250,000 = $111.80
  • $375,000 = $167.70
  • $450,000 = $201.24
  • $575,000 = $257.14

Value for Money 

A portion of every tax dollar is used to provide over 90 programs and services to ensure a high quality of life for residents.

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Budget by the Numbers

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