2019 Budget

2019 Budget

Budget Overview

  • Lincoln is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara
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  • As such, to support smart growth principles, organization & community sustainability, and prepare for increased service delivery demand/needs, the 2019 Budget aims to invest areas focused on growth & development - infrastructure, service delivery, and programs & services.
  • The Town also continues to invest in basic services as tax impacts over the past 10 years have allowed for sustained services, but no enhancements
  • Affordability for our residents and businesses remains a focus in all decision-making
    • Lincoln remains the 2nd lowest in property taxes as a % of household income
    • Lincoln remains the 4th lowest in property taxes + water/wastewater as a % of household income


Overall Tax Levy Scenario 

2019 Blended Rate

Lincoln’s tax bill accounts for three agencies. In addition to the Town of Lincoln's portion (36%) of the tax bill, property taxes pay for the delivery of community programs and services by Niagara Region (including waste) (51%) and the school boards (13%).

The impact to property taxes is a combination of these three agencies. Often referred to as a blended rate and this is what a resident will see on their tax bill. This year’s blended rate is 4.45%.

Important to note that while Lincoln’s levy % is higher, when you consider it is only 1/3 of the property tax bill impact, Lincoln’s overall tax bill dollar portion (what you actually pay) is less than Niagara Region’s dollar portion. Niagara Region’s overall dollar impact is ½ of your tax bill.

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Budget Impact to Property Taxes

Therefore, this year, the budget impact (4.45% blended rate increase) to a property tax bill are, per property assessment values of:

  • $100,000 = $53.72
  • $250,000 = $134.30
  • $375,000 = $201.45
  • $450,000 = $241.74
  • $575,000 = $309.89

Value for Money 

A portion of every tax dollar is used to provide over 90 programs and services to ensure a high quality of life for residents.

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Budget by the Numbers

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