Your Property Taxes and the Budget

Your Property Taxes and the Budget

The Town of Lincoln budget helps determine the amount of property taxes you pay. The impact to property taxes is a combination of three agencies. In addition to the Town of Lincoln's portion (36%), property taxes pay for the delivery of community programs and services by Niagara Region (including waste) (51%) and the school boards (13%).

pie chart showing property tax breakdown: 36% Town of Lincoln, 13% Education, 51% Niagara Region

In 2020, the overall blended rate was: 5.3%, with Lincoln’s portion being only 2.17% on your overall tax bill. Therefore, household impact is based on all three agencies and your property assessment (overseen by MPAC).

A portion of every tax dollar is used to provide more than 90 programs and services. For all these programs and services, based on the average assessed home at $388,000, the impact to the taxpayer in 2020 was:

  • Year: $247.90
  • Month: $20.66
  • Week: $4.77, which equates to approximately 2 coffees per week
  • Day: $0.68
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