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Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review Project

Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review Project

The Town of Lincoln is preparing a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law.  The Zoning By-law is the Town’s primary tool to regulate the use of all land in the Town, it divides land into various zone categories (i.e., residential, commercial, employment), and establishes what uses are permitted and where buildings can be located on a property. 

In February 2019, WSP Canada Group Limited was retained by the Town to undertake the Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review.

Key Sectors

Sectors of Focus


An Agricultural Centre of Excellence, Lincoln has the highest number of farms in all of Niagara, supporting more than 3,400 jobs.

Our farms account for $13 of every $100 in gross farm receipts in the Golden Horseshoe while representing only three per cent of the region’s farmland acreage.

Lincoln has become synonymous with grape growing and wine by virtue of its dominant position in Ontario’s $2.3 billion grape and wine industry.

Lincoln Farms

Building for Future Success

Building for Future Success

The Town of Lincoln recently completed three projects in support of the Town’s goal of economic diversification and growth. The resulting plans provide a framework for the Town’s economic development and planning activities and include metrics and targets to measure success.

Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

Invest in Lincoln

Why Invest in Lincoln 

Unparalleled access to North American and global markets

Located within a day’s drive of 55% of the US population and 60% of Canada’s, Lincoln is strategically located for your business.  Moving people and goods is quick thanks to easily accessible highways, rail lines and air transportation.  With four US/Canada border crossings an hour away, Lincoln is the affordable gateway to 130 million consumers within 750 kilometres.

Campden Fire Station Project

New Campden Fire Station Project

Project Location: 3970 Fly Rd., Campden ON (vacant lot west of Bethesda Community Services)

Approved Total Project Budget: $2,211,000.00

Project Update - COMPLETE:

  • Structural construction is now complete
  • Campden station is functioning out of the new station as of Feb. 6, 2019
  • Outstanding items to be completed in appropriate weather: landscaping, additional signage​​​​​​

Description of the Project: