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Build & Invest

Angelina Prokich Park

Final Design - Angelina Prokich Park

Project Location:  South of St. George’s Dr., bordering the new Vista Ridge development by Losani Homes.

Approved Total Project Budget: $1 million

Project Update (January 2020): 

  • Construction has begun at the 8.95 acres park and will continue through 2020

Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) & accompanying Active Transportation Plan was adopted by Council in September 2019. 

The TMP is a long-range transportation plan to help plan for people moving, goods moving and to connect you to where you need to go.  It will be used as a blueprint and guide for future decision making, planning, design, operations and maintenance of the Town’s transportation network until the year 2031 and beyond.

Go Hub & Station Study

Integrating GO Train Service to Niagara

In June 2016, the Province formally announced the extension of GO train service to Niagara. The extension of two-way GO Transit service to the Niagara Region will be a critical component of achieving growth, prosperity and sustainability in Niagara. Niagara Region is planning for the long term future of its communities.  

Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives 

The Town of Lincoln partners with Niagara Region to offer access to a variety of financial incentives to developers, investors and business owners to promote and support development, business growth and economic prosperity.  The Town will work with you to identify and access the programs available for your project.

Centre of Excellence for Agriculture

Centre of Excellence for Agriculture

On May 6, 2016 an event co-hosted by the Town of Lincoln and Niagara College was held with key participation from VRIC, Brock, OMAFRA as well as the technology and industry itself entitled “The Road to Defining a Centre of Excellence for Agriculture & Food serving the sector in Niagara and beyond.”

The goals of the session were to share information from key players within the sector to begin a dialogue and process of determining key ingredients to a successful Centre of Excellence.

Official Plan

The Official Plan

The Official for the Town of Lincoln was adopted by Council on July 7, 2014 and as approved by Niagara Region, with modifications, on April 30, 2015, as further approved by the Ontario Municipal Board with modifications on November 18, 2016. Hard copies are available  through the Planning department. 


The Official Plan sets out the long term vision for the future. The Official Plan contains goals, objectives and policies to guide future land use, physical development, growth and change within the Town.