Animal Services

Animal Services in Lincoln - Niagara SPCA

The Niagara SPCA (formerly the Welland SPCA) provides animal control services to the Town of Lincoln. 

Niagara SPCA Animal Services direct line: 905-735-1552 ext. 3

When should you call?

  • You see a sick or injured animal
  • You see a stray dog
  • You found a stray cat
  • Livestock has escaped
  • You want to file an animal by-law complaint

If you're not sure, call anyway. Niagara SPCA will try and help you direct your inquiry accordingly. 

Additional information:

  • Animal control officers will pick up stray domestic animals during limited hours. Healthy cats need to be confined for pickup.
  • NPCA shelter in Welland also provides adoption and rehoming as well as humane euthanasia services. 

Animal Care and Control By-law




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