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Find a By-law & Frequently Requested By-laws

All Town of Lincoln By-laws are available online for residents and businesses.

Below is a summary of the most frequently requested By-laws for your convenience. 

Accessible Parking By-law

  • The Accessible Parking By-law No. 2017-25, enforced by the AMPS process, sets out provisions for the allocation, design and signage for accessible parking, along with enforcement of violations within the Town.

AMPS Parking By-law 

  • The Administrative Monetary Penalty System By-law No. 2017-24 is designed to be a faster and more efficient way of processing parking tickets.
  • It is a process for payment, appeal and collection of parking penalties.
  • This system allows municipalities to enforce, manage and quasi-adjudicate parking violations within the Town rather than continue to use the Provincial court system to enforce traffic and parking tickets issued by the Town. 

Animal Care & Control By-law 

  • Oversees the management and control of animals in our community through such areas as leashing, registration, numbers of animals per household, animal care, bite incidents, and dog kennels
  • Enforcement is conducted through our licensed contractor currently the Niagara SPCA

Clean Yards By-law 

  • Ensures properties in Lincoln are kept clear of long grass, weeds and refuse as regulated under this By-law
  • Residents are asked to keep all waste in proper containers, grass kept shorter than 8 inches, and encourage residents to call the town with questions regarding noxious weeds (weeds that are deemed dangerous to agricultural crops)

Noise Control By-law 

  • Prohibits and regulates noise within Lincoln. More commonly, this By-law addresses noise concerns such as construction, barking animals and loud music

Open Air Fire By-law

  • The Open Air Fire By-law was reviewed and updated in 2017
  • It is constructed around the health, safety and well-being of residents within Lincoln
  • This By-law is centred around fire prevention, with emphasis on areas such as: the spreading of fires, regulating open air fires and establishing set times that open air burning can occur

Parking By-law

  • Enforced under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) By-law, focuses on managing permitted parking in Lincoln
  • By-law addresses accessible parking, fire routes, and 24 hour parking on streets

Property Standards By-law 

  • Prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of residential and non-residential properties within Lincoln
  • As well this By-law attends to vacant buildings, and yards of all properties
  • Property Standards By-law Appeal Process

Site Alteration and Removal of Trees By-law

  • Prohibits and regulates the alteration of property grades, the placing or dumping of fill, the removal of topsoil and the injury, destruction or removal of trees

Swimming Pool Fence By-law

  • Requires owners of privately owned outdoor swimming pools to erect and maintain fences to the prescribed standards to ensure the health and safety of those within Lincoln

Use of Municipal Parks By-law

  • Regulates the use of Municipal Parks


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