Parking and Tow Related

Parking By-law 89-2000


My vehicle was parked on the street, and now it is not there; was it stolen? Could it have been towed?

Your vehicle was parked on a municipal street within the Town of Lincoln. Your first phone call should be to the Niagara Regional Police to inquire whether the vehicle has been reported to the police service. The Niagara Regional Police are notified of lawful towing of motor vehicles within the Region of Niagara, this would include those vehicles caused to be towed due to breaches of parking related provisions.

How could my vehicle have been towed for parking?

Tow Authority

s.1102.02 Vehicle Towing

In addition to any other penalties provided for in this By-law, a police officer, officer, Municipal Law Enforcement Officer may, where a vehicle is parked or stopped in contravention of this By-law, cause that vehicle to be removed, taken away and stored in a suitable place.

All costs and charges incurred for removing, caring for and storing a vehicle removed pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, shall be a lien upon the vehicle, which lien may be enforced in the manner provided for by the Repair and Storage Liens Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter R. 25.

** All costs associated to the towing and storage of a vehicle towed, related to a breach of the Parking By-law, are incurred by the vehicle owner.

How do you ensure that my vehicle is safe and secure if it was towed?

From the vehicle tow authority provided above;

101.01.57 “Suitable Place” means a towing compound operated by a recognized, licensed towing company, where the storage area of said compound is fully fenced (enclosed) with controlled access, for the safety and security of the vehicles stored there within.

Municipal law Enforcement utilizes the Regional Municipality of Niagara Licensed Tow Company List associated to the Regional Municipality of Niagara By-law to Licence, Regulate and Govern Tow Trucks, and Owners, Drivers and Brokers of Towing Businesses, in assisting with the removal of an owner’s vehicle due to identified breach of the Parking By-law provisions. The criteria includes but is not limited to; that the licensed tow company must be insured, be accessible 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, with a secure, controlled towing compound.

From that list, the following licensed tow companies may be routinely utilized by Town of Lincoln Municipal Law Enforcement due to proximity and availability:

Tow company Address Phone number
2-B-Towed 4283 Victoria Ave, Vineland 905-658-1999
JNE Recovery 4283 Victoria Ave, Vineland 906-562-6000

Allen’s Towing

4962 Union Rd, Beamsville 905-935-6366
S&W Towing 59 Carlton St, St. Catharines 905-935-9971
Lakeshore Towing 23 Cushman Rd, St. Catharines 905-641-8268
Lampman’s Towing 8214 Con Rd 3 West Lincoln 905-957-2193
Robbin’s Towing 186 Merrit St. St. Catharines 905-684-9141
Jackson Auto Body and Wreckers 62059 Reg Rd 24, Fenwick 905-899-3006
Tom James Towing 660 Forks Rd, Welland 289-696-3448















*Please Note: The licensed tow companies have set towing and storage fees/rates, associated to services rendered. All costs associated to the towing and storage of a vehicle towed, related to a breach of the Parking By-law, are incurred by that of the vehicle owner. To retrieve your vehicle, payment must be made to the licensed tow company.

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