Parking Ticket Payment

Parking Ticket Payment

Parking tickets can be paid online (24/7) or in-person at Town Hall during business hours of Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Online Payment

Online payment is through Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service, that accepts Visa or MasterCard. A convenience fee will be charged.


  1. The link above will take you to a new window "Town of Lincoln Bill Payment System"
  2. Fill out your customer service information, click continue
  3. The Account & Payment Information window will open
  4. Select "miscellaneous" in the drop down list
  5. For your Account Number, insert the parking ticket prefix followed by your ticket number. That is: MSPKT0 - "your ticket number"
  6. Fill in your payment information and the confirm payment window will appear to complete your payment transaction

If you have any difficulties, you can call Town Hall for support during business hours at 905-563-2799 ext. 222.


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