Capital Projects

Capital projects are the important investments that the Town of Lincoln makes to improve and maintain the municipal infrastructure that we rely on everyday. Capital projects are carefully planned and executed to maximize the value of every dollar allocated. Renewing, replacing and building infrastructure is vital to meeting the needs of residents and to accommodate a growing population. Investment in capital projects improves the overall quality of life for the residents of Lincoln.

The 2020 budget supports a period of increasing growth in population, infrastructure management, community programming and park development that will peak over the next 10-12 years. In 2020 there are major construction projects supporting infrastructure upgrades to our community.

  • Prudhomme’s (7.5M)
  • Hixon St. Pumping Station (1.1M)
  • Rotary Park (formerly Serena Park) Development (3.1M)
  • Lincoln Ave. Phase 1 Reconstruction (2.1M)
  • Rittenhouse Rd. Reconstruction (2.65M)

It is important to note that funding for capital projects is from a number of sources such as development charges, reserve funds, long-term borrowing, grants and property taxes. Of the $31 million budgeted in the 2020 Capital Budget, only $2 million is funded through property taxes. Therefore, a significant investment to our community, with only a small portion directly affecting our taxpayers, demonstrating Council's commitment to balancing affordability.

Categories of Capital Projects 

  1. Transportation (roads, bridges, culverts, etc.)
  2. Environment and safety
  3. Social infrastructure
  4. Corporate Infrastructure

Town of Lincoln Council continued their invested a 1.5% special infrastructure levy as part of this year’s overall budget. This investment allows for continued long-term planning to maintain and provide new infrastructure.

Ongoing Community Investment Projects

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