Corporate Infrastructure Projects

2020 Corporate Infrastructure Projects 

Project Name Description Budget

IT Equipment

  • Replace workstations, computer and large format displays, laptops, tablets, WIFI access points, printers, server, switches and routers per their respective device life cycle or when they break down and require replacement.


IT Equipment - Library

  • Free community access to equipment and programming to support digital literacy and 21st century technologies
  • Increased computer access will ensure that community needs are met and that wait times are reduced


Gateway Signage Upgrading - QEW

  • The QEW is a major thoroughfare in the community. Millions of travellers pass by these existing signs each year which act as a first impression for commuters, visitors and potential investors
  • The upgrading of these two signs will play a larger role in enhancing Lincoln's attractiveness as a place to visit. This is one of the first steps in executing our new Tourism Strategy.


Fleming Library Office Renovations

  • This project consists of extending the counter back with swinging doors and installing a glass door within the large opening to staff working locations
  • The new structure will match existing millwork and will prevent the public from accessing behind the counter and staff work areas which is a health and safety concern


Pen West Roof Replacement

  • This work will prevent further damage to the roof and prevent water damage to the interior structure
  • This building is part of the Town's long term asset inventory and buildings. It has the potential to evolve and become a public works yard in the future and is currently used for storage and other operational functions


Diamond Building Facility Repairs & Roof Replacement

  • The project involves the replacement of a 3 ton HVAC roof top unit
  • The roof replacement involves the removal of the existing 4,600 square foot built-up roof system down to the deck and the installation of a new flat roof and flashing membrane
  • The installation of a 1,500 gallon water cistern, a new septic field and the exterior painting of the facility


Hinan Street Yard Upgrades

  • Safer and more efficient storage of material for the Town winter and regular operations, will result in more space available for vehicle parking
  • Wash area will result in safer work environment and compliance with regulations


Fleet Expansion and Replacement

  • Purchase of new units will support the Town's efforts to meet the service requirements of a growing municipality

  • Replace older vehicles/equipment from the fleet that are at a point where the maintenance costs are higher than what the vehicle/equipment is actually worth, ensuring long term asset investment

  • Maintaining a dependable, up-to-date fleet ensures less downtime and negative impacts to service delivery

  • Up-to-date engine emissions technologies allows the Town to be environmentally responsible by reducing it's carbon footprint


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