Corporate Infrastructure Projects

2019 Corporate Infrastructure Projects 

Project Name Description Budget
Technology Update
  • The Town will replace workstations, displays, laptops, tablets, monitors, firewalls, printers, server and routers per their respective device life cycle
  • The Town will see improvements in employee productivity, communication and customer service, through increased equipment performance and less frequent equipment outages
Library IT Update
  • Ensure that technology is current and meets community and staff needs
  • Community access to technology and equipment aims to meet their needs for education, recreation and personal growth
  • Staff access to technology and equipment improves the efficiency of performance
Redundant Dispatch Phase 6
  • In the event of a severe emergency or weather event where cell phone towers are incapacitated, this system will allow Town Public Works personnel to communicate with Town Hall or the Emergency Operations Centre as needed
Town Hall Office Additions
  • The project consists of the construction of  six additional new offices in the lobby area of Town Hall
  • Town staff have designed and optimized  other useable  spaces throughout  Town Hall to address departments growth and the need for more offices and work stations
Fleet Replacement & Enhancements
  • Replace older vehicles/equipment from the fleet that are at a point where the maintenance costs are higher than what the vehicle/equipment is actually worth, ensuring long term asset investment
  • Maintaining a dependable, up-to-date fleet ensures less downtime and negative impacts to service delivery
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