Environment & Safety Capital Projects

2020 Environment & Safety Infrastructure Capital Projects

Project Description Budget

Heritage Village SWM Pond - Rehabilitation

  • Cleaning out the sediment and excess vegetation will restore the stormwater pond's optimal performance level

  • An enhanced replanting plan will limit negative impacts to neighbourhood appeal and will help to encourage naturalized elements such as birds and other related habitat


Konkle Creek Remediation - Phase 2 Construction

  • This project will improve erosion and stormwater conditions as well as promote healthier aquatic and terrestrial habitats

  • The multi-use trail will promote active transportation and community connectivity


Red Maple Ave. Storm Sewer - Construction

  • The partial section of new storm sewer will allow the timing of the development proposal to move forward in 2020 as per the proponents request


First Ave. Watermain Replacement - Design

  • Completing the detailed design in advance of planned construction will enable the Town to tender the project early in the construction year and receive favourable tender prices
  • Having the detailed design work completed will also allow the Town to be in a better "shovel ready" position should any potential external funding opportunities become available


Friesen Neighbourhood Watermain Replacement - Phase 1 Construction

  • Watermain replacement will eliminate unplanned emergency shutdowns that result from breaks impacting a number of residential customers

  • The new infrastructure will reduce potential drinking water quality risks, operational maintenance costs related to the old deteriorated ductile iron piping, and break frequency


Prudhommes Watermain Upgrades - Construction

  • Constructing the watermain upgrades will ensure that the Town is in a position to support the Prudhomme's development when construction is ready to commence


Hixon Pumping Station Upgrades

  • Upgrades to pump motors and electrical to provide increased pressure required for the south-western portion of the Vista Ridge development
  • Supports growth in the community and is funded by development charges collected for this project


Fire Equipment Replacement

  • Proper tools and emergency equipment protects firefighters and allows them to carry out their duties in hazardous environments
  • Protective equipment that meets prescribed standards is required by health & safety legislation for entry into Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) environments as is routinely encountered by firefighters in the performance of their regular duties


Fire Safety Trailer

  • The provision of public education in fire safety is mandated by the Fire Prevention and Protection Act, and public education in emergency preparedness is mandated by the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act
  • A fire safety public education trailer will allow the fire department to comply with these legislated requirements in an effective hands-on and entertaining way
  • This tool can be used at a number of different events and venues to provide important, life-saving information to a wide and diverse segment of the population


Fire Fleet Replacement

  • A pumper-rescue truck is an essential piece of equipment that serves a dual purpose

    • It carries a pump, hose, a water supply, and equipment to fight fires, and is also specially configured to carry a variety of rescue tools thereby averting the need to run a second, specialized rescue vehicle in most cases

  • The rehab/water rescue truck allows the Town to meet regulatory requirements for occupational health and safety of firefighters

    • It allows firefighters to don and doff ice/water rescue suits in a sheltered area and provides a suitable area to recover from hypothermia and heat stress

    • Decontamination showers allow firefighters to comply with new regulations and reduce the risk of cancers that are classified as presumptive illnesses by WSIB



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