Environment & Safety Capital Projects

2019 Environment & Safety Infrastructure Capital Projects

Project Description Budget
Konkle Creek Phase 2 Preparation
  • This project involves preparing for the construction of a new naturalized corridor and the decommissioning of the old straightened Konkle Creek drainage channel
  • This project will not only improve erosion and stormwater conditions but also promote healthier aquatic and terrestrial habitats
  • The new multi-use trail will also promote active transportation and community connectivity
Lincoln Ave. Storm Sewer - Phase 1
  • This project phase involves the installation of new storm sewer along a portion of Lincoln Avenue from the future Lincoln Estates development access on Lincoln Avenue north of Elm Street to King Street and along King Street to the system outlet east of Lincoln Avenue. 
  • Constructing this portion of the storm sewer system will allow the developer to proceed with construction of the remaining servicing and roadway improvements necessary to support development housing construction.
Heritage Village SWM Pond Cleaning & Design
  • This project involves a phased approach with localized cleaning of the SWM pond's inlet and outlet 
  • Interim cleaning will help with water flow conveyance and the design rehabilitation strategy will enhance stormwater quality treatment 
Bartlett Creek West Branch Improvements
  • This project will improve current localized erosion conditions in the creek
  • It will legally establish that any future maintenance needs are responsibility of the Town and not private property owners along this section of the Bartlett Creek West Branch in support of the residents living within the receiving upstream drainage shed
21st St. Maintenance Hole Replacements
  • This project involves the replacement of thee maintenance holes on 21st St.
  • The maintenance holes are past their service life and pose a risk to safety, traffic impacts and the environment
King St. Watermain Replacement
  • The project involves the replacement of approximately 1,200m of 200mm lined cast iron pipe with 200mm PVC pipe and all associated appurtenances
  • The existing watermain is past its service life and is experiencing frequent breaks
Second Ave.Watermain and Road Replacement
  • Watermain replacement will eliminate unplanned emergency shutdowns that result from breaks impacting a number residential customers
  • The new infrastructure will reduce potential drinking water quality risks and operational maintenance costs related to the old deteriorated ductile iron piping and break frequency
Smart Hydrant Inserts Phase 1
  • Purchase and installation of five (5) hydrant pressure and temperature inserts at key locations within the distribution system. 
  • Smart Hydrant inserts allow operations to have real time and historical information for pressure and temperatures
  • By having this information, early warning of small leaks and transient events can be flagged and repairs and operation modifications can be made in advance of watermain breaks. 
Town-wide Water Meter Replacement - Phase 2
  • The replacement of end of life water meters will ensure that the Town is more accurately capturing revenue from the water sold to rate payers
  • The implementation of an AMI system will greatly reduce the time and resources devoted to meter reading, as well as provide several value-added services to the rate payer from a customer service perspective including earlier detection of high water usage/leaks within the home plumbing and on demand secondary reads
Wachs Valve and Hydrant Maintenance Trailer
  • Purchase of a small Valve & Hydrant Maintenance Trailer 
  • This trailer is utilized for the general maintenance of water distribution Valves & Hydrants, curb stop replacements, along with emergency response applications such as water main breaks, frozen services, frozen hydrants and emergency locates
Vineland Fire Station - Design & Site Studies
  • Due to significant forecasted growth in the Prudhommes area, a fire station is required to provide mandated fire protection services to the area in conformance with applicable provincial legislation, fire service standards and industry best practices
Fire Equipment
  • Purchase reliable and up-to-date equipment allows firefighters to carry out critical emergency firefighting and rescue functions in an effective and expedient manner to the benefit of public safety
Emergency Management Fleet
  • In order to comply with the requirements of  Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act in an efficient and cost-effective manner, Council adopted a joint Niagara West Emergency Management Program in 2018 to share services with neighbouring municipalities
  • As such, a vehicle will be required to travel to Emergency Operations Centres and other municipal sites in order to carry out the various tasks under the shared service agreement. 


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