Konkle Creek Naturalization

Konkle Creek Naturalization 


Project Location:

Konkle Creek—Approx. 750m south of Greenlane 

Project Update:

  • Phase 2 remediation construction in 2020
  • Detailed Design completed in 2019
  • Preparation work completed in 2018 to include: 
    • 750 metres of offline channel works completed (described below)
    • Plantings
    • Hydro seeding
    • Removal of 300-600 loads of fill
    • Ongoing watering of plantings

Description of the Overall Project:

The works include a new naturalized creek corridor with a meandering creek and floodplain/valley area with a significant level of plantings. Construction of a new naturalized creek corridor from Greenlane approximately 750m south to Friesen Blvd. The new creek is constructed beside the existing channel until the creek plantings and vegetation establish. A multi-use trail will promote active transportation and community connectivity. The creek flows will be diverted into the new corridor once Phase 2 construction is completed.

Project Background:

In 2012, in response to significant bank and corridor erosion the Town completed a Municipal Class EA Study for the rehabilitation of Konkle creek from Greenlane to the Lincoln Square development (Meadowood Park).  The EA Study recommended that a naturalized corridor with a self-sustaining watercourse as the best preferred remediation option to address natural, social and environmental issues. In 2013, the Town initiated the detailed design work in support of the preferred alternative developed through the EA Process. In 2014, as part of preparing to implement the preferred alternative the Town purchased additional lands to be able to "widen" the creek corridor.  A wider creek corridor is required to establish a self-sustaining (meandering) watercourse and also provide a naturalized valley/floodplain area to better manage stormwater flows.

Project Team

Walter Neubauer
Manager, Technical Services


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