Social Infrastructure Projects

2019 Social Infrastructure Projects

Project Name Description Budget
Oaklawn Columbarium
  • A solid granite, 72 niche, domed columbaria on a concrete pad will provide a focal centrepiece for the Oaklawn Cemetery. This columbarium will provide innovative interment space to a popular cemetery that has only recently opened a limited number of new lots for sale.
  •  Columbaria require less cemetery maintenance and landscaping costs. It will reinvent an underused section of the cemetery by adding an artistic landscape feature
Jordan Arena Equipment
  • Increased capacity of hot water system
  • Remote alarm monitoring system allows immediate response
  • Avoidance of costly breakdown repairs and improved energy efficiency and safety
Fleming Centre Scoreboard
  • The project involves the design engineering, supply and installation of a electronic four-sided, centre-ice hung hockey scoreboard and controller for the arena at Fleming Centre. Each LED ad box on top of scoreboard is approximately 10'(W) x 24"(H)x4"(D) and affords the opportunity to generate new advertising revenue
  • Project is intended to be a partnership, with funding committed by the Lincoln Minor Hockey Association. The project is conditional on that funding
Jordan Arena Roof Restoration
  •  After the restoration work has been completed it is expected that the roof will have another 20 year lifespan
  • Prevention of further damage to the roof and interior structure. Maintain a safe environment for workers and the public visiting the Jordan Arena
Bennett Hall Facility Repairs
  • The roof replacement would involve the installation of a new flat roof and flashing membrane
  • The brick fascia on the front of the building is in need of some restoration work which would involve repointing of weathering and decaying mortar joints and brick replacement
  • These repairs will prevent further and more costly damage to the facility including preventing water damage to the interior structure. 
Jordan Pool Splash Pad
  • This project includes the installation of low flow nozzles splash pads to reduce water consumption and upgrades to internal components of splash pad
  • Improved customer service & water consumption reduction
Park Asset Replacements and Repairs
  • Replacement of end of life for items such as bleachers, backstops and benches; also the requirement for accessible pads
  • Maintenance of Town assets will protect and enhance the quality of life for residents. Asset management practices includes balancing service levels, risk and cost
Ted Roberts Park Parking Lot Repaving
  • Mill the asphalt base and top asphalt to full depth (approx. 90mm) then add granular (25 mm), HL8 HS base asphalt (50mm) and HL3 top asphalt (40 mm); with tack coat and painting of parking spaces
  • Enhanced amenities for our park user groups and meeting commitments of community partnerships
Charles Daley Park Driveway Repaving
  • Repave from the central accessible parking to the west beach accessible parking area.  This would include repaving and widening the accessible pathway from the upper parking lot connecting to this drive, as well as adding a connecting path from the central accessible parking to the waterfront path
  • Enhanced driveway and path with proper accessibility; due diligence and risk reduction; enhanced quality of life for residents, especially those with accessibility issues
Serena Park Development - Phase 1
  • Securing professional design and build services to complete a custom concept design for Serena Park.  Phase 1 to occur in 2019 and Phase 2 to occur in 2020
  • Additional investment in outdoor recreation infrastructure is required to maintain and enhance community health and wellbeing


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