Social Infrastructure Projects

2020 Social Infrastructure Projects

Project Name Description Budget

Vineland Columbarium

  • Provides a popular interment option which reduces cemetery maintenance and landscaping costs while adding an artistic landscape feature


Fleming Library Shade Structure

  • An exterior courtyard on the south side of Fleming Centre offers a space that could be programmed by the Library and used for cultural events
  • Already furnished with several exterior benches and some perimeter exterior lighting, it would provide much needed programming space and, when not in use for programming, an excellent community gathering space


Hixon Street Parking Lot-Repaving & Line Painting

  • The Hixon Street parking lot which provides the much needed 35 parking spaces for Beamsville businesses has reached a point where it requires extensive restoration
  • Restoration will enhance amenities for patrons of our Beamsville downtown businesses


Charles Daley Park Improvements

  • Enhancement of park amenities within the Charles Daley site will further enhance its attractiveness as a destination park and provide a safe, accessible site for residents to enjoy
  • Park Improvements would also improve accessibility, comfort as identified in the Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan


Basketball Court Resurfacing


Beamsville Lions Club - Investment Capital

  • Includes an additional two benches installed at the memorial forest, 25 additional trees for planting throughout the park and the placement of player bench covers over the players benches at soccer fields one and two. The covers would protect the players and coaches from weather in the event of rain during the game
  • Enhanced community development and partnerships through effective customer service, creating a connected and vibrant community for all users of the park, while increasing the parks tree canopy


Town Pole Banner Hardware

  • The town currently uses many poles to display banners, hanging baskets, and Christmas displays. We are looking for a consistent pole structure that can have an interchangeable pole plate system, allowing for seasonal changing.
  • Consistent hardware may free up additional poles to display banners on throughout the town for seasonal events- Lincoln 50th, Christmas etc.


Beamsville Lions Park Upgrades

  • This project will increase the availability playing time on field number 2 and take pressure off some of the other sports fields at the Lions park helping with making shared fields exclusively baseball and meeting the growing demands for additional field time for both sports
  • It will prepare the facility to host the 2020 Softball Championship


Park Asset Management - Repairs/Replacements (exclude. sports parks)

  • Asset management is the combination of the management and performance of the Towns assets, providing the required level of service and minimizing the risks in the most cost effective manner.
  • Replacement of various park assets (faded signs, worn assets) is based on the current condition index which has identified the end of life for items such as signs, benches, picnic tables, worn pathways and the requirement for accessible pads as recommended in the Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan


Permanent Leash-Free Dog Park

  • Once the Pilot program is complete and the need for a permanent site and location have been confirmed, permanent construction of a leash free site will need to be implemented
  • Once all resident feedback has been collected, confirming the site for a permanent leash free park will enhance the quality of life for Lincoln residents


Tallman Drive Easement Restoration

  • The project involves the installation of proper drainage and repaving of the Tallman Drive easement which connects Tallman Drive to Old Orchard Way subdivisions
  • Improved condition of the much used walkway which will increase the safety for the local residents as well as promote a connected and vibrant community


Rotary Park Development

  • Investment in outdoor recreation infrastructure is required to maintain and enhance community health and wellbeing of residents
  • This project has been part of the Town's long term capital plan and strategy since the development and construction of the Fleming Centre and its completion in 2014
  • Project will include site works, installation of equipment, trail and parking lot development, park furniture, utilities rough-in



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