Transportation Infrastructure Projects

2020 Transportation Infrastructure Projects


Project Name Description  Budget
Road Rehabilitation Program
  • The road rehabilitation program includes pulverizing, road base strengthening and a double surface treatment (tar & chip) seal; roadside ditching; and cross culvert replacements
  • The road resurfacing program includes single surface treatment (SST/'tar & chip') and urban 'shave and pave'; these works involve milling the top portion off of the road then reinstating with a lift of hot mix asphalt for a final top course
  • There will also be isolated base repairs and necessary appurtenance adjustments (i.e. manhole covers, valves, etc.)
  • Resurfacing results in reduced maintenance costs and fewer damage claims caused by potholes
Culvert Replacement and Rehabilitation Program
  • The recent 2016 Municipal Culvert Inspection Appraisals identified a number of culverts as having a "1 to 5" year time of need for replacement
  • From a health and safety perspective, the Town needs to replace old deteriorated corrugated steel pipe road cross culverts that are in very poor condition

21st St. Bailey Bridge Maintenance & Repairs

  • The enhanced welding repairs should significantly reduce the noise from vehicles crossing the bridge and ensure the structure is maintained in a good state of repair

Jordan Village Improvements Project - Utility Relocations

  • Updating and finalizing the detailed design work allows the Town to develop accurate construction budgets and be in a "shovel ready" position for early tendering in the year of planned construction.
  • Also allows the Town to be better prepared for external funding/grant opportunities.
  • By getting the utility companies to complete any required plant relocation work well in advance of the Town's road reconstruction contract commencing, the Town has more flexibility and control over issuing tenders with a defined tentative construction schedule for bidders to rely on.

13th Street Road Reopening Reconstruction

  • The road reconstruction will allow this section of 13th Street to re-opened to through traffic improving overall traffic flow in this area
  • The naturalized earth side design provides a more sustainable solution for the long-term in comparison to more hard type retaining wall approaches

Aberdeen Road Slope Stability Feasibility Study and Road Widening Design

  • Completing the feasibility study and securing the necessary road widening will allow the Town to be in a prepared position budget and tender the necessary repair works in 2021

Beamsville Truck Route By-Pass Implementation Study

  • Reducing the volume of trucks travelling in Beamsville's downtown core will significantly improve traffic congestion and most importantly safety.

Lincoln Avenue Phase 1 Road Reconstruction - Construction

  • Constructing this portion of the storm sewer system will allow the developer to proceed with construction of the remaining servicing and roadway improvements necessary to support development housing construction
  • Constructing the road upgrades at the same time as the development will significantly decrease the length of disruption
Rittenhouse Rd. Reconstruction - Construction Phase
  •  The scope of the road reconstruction work will include storm sewers, new road base and paving with concrete curb and gutters, concrete sidewalks and street lighting improvements
  • New municipal sidewalks will be installed in response to resident requests and to improve pedestrian safety
  • The new concrete sidewalk will provide important walking linkages for pedestrians and children that frequently walk to the nearby Twenty Valley Public School
  • The proposed road reconstruction will also improve the overall driving surface of the roadway and roadside drainage


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