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Operating under the Funeral, Burial and Cremations Services Act 2002, Licence No. 3288070, the Town of Lincoln is able to offer or sell cemetery services or supplies in any of its 5 active cemeteries as well as being responsible for the maintenance of 14 inactive cemeteries. Governed by By-law No. 2018-68 each of the active cemeteries have a variety of interment and memorialization options which are summarized in the table below.


Full Size Lots Cremation Lots Columbarium Niche Scatter Garden
Mennonite Mountain
4000 Fly Rd., Campden
Mount Osborne
4230 William St., Beamsville
Yes Yes Yes Yes
4015 Moyer Rd., Campden
4100 Bridgeport Dr., Jordan Station
Yes Yes Yes Yes
4025 Martin Rd., Vineland
Yes Yes Yes Yes

  Internment Options Memorialization
Full Size Lot One traditional in-ground burial and up to four urn maximum Upright monument or flat marker
Cremation Size Lot Two in-ground urn maximum Flat marker only
Columbarium Niche Two above-ground urn maximum Uniform bronze plaque
Scatter Garden Single cremated remains Uniform memory wall plaque 


Contact & Inquiries 

For information and guidance please contact the Cemetery Administrator by phone at 905-563-8205 ext. 247 or by email.

More Information

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Cemetery By-law

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Do you know about Lincoln's Commemorative Program?

The commemorative program provides the opportunity to donate a living legacy or unique dedication to provide a lasting remembrance of a loved one, a group or significant event.  With the assistance of staff, participants can choose a tree, bench or picnic table to adorn one of Lincoln’s cemeteries, park or trails.

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