Buy a Plot


To arrange the purchase of a plot:

Please contact our Cemetery & Parks Coordinator within the Community Services Department
Tel: 905-563-2799 ext. 247


Plot Rates




      Total Cost


Total Cost

Single grave

$ 2,034.00

Single grave

$ 3,052.00

Two graves

$ 4,068.00

Two Graves

$ 6,102.00

Cremation grave

$ 813.60

Cremation Grave

$ 1, 220.40


Internment Rights

  • What are they? When you purchase internment rights, this means that you are purchasing the right to use the plot for burials. You do not own the land, rather you reserve the right to use it.

  • Once you have purchased your internment rights, you will receive a “Certificate of Internment Rights”, a burial is then officially permitted to take place in the grave, and a monument or marker may be placed on the lot 


  • What are they? A memorial is a marker or monument that marks the location of the grave and provides family with something permanent and personal to look at when visiting the cemetery

  • Markers are memorials of granite or marble that are set flush with the ground at the head of a grave. They are often referred to as "flat markers".

  • Monuments are permanent memorials that stand above ground level and are centrally placed at the head of a grave. They are often called "upright monuments" and require a concrete foundation before the monument can be put in place.

*Please note that the section of the cemetery and the type of grave you choose will determine the type of memorial you can place on the grave.


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