Pandemic Recovery Framework

Recover & Rebuild Lincoln

Information and expanded frameworks have been developed and released by the Province of Ontario (Reopening Ontario after COVID-19). As of Sept. 8, 2020, Ontario is pausing any further loosening of public health measures or reopening of businesses, facilities or organizations.

The Town of Lincoln has developed  a framework  to guide the recovery taskforce in the implementation of recovery plans and strategies. Our decisions are guided by data and facts, and through the direction of Niagara Region Public Health. The community response is being led by Niagara Region Public Health and allied health agencies.


Emergency Operations Team (EOC) & Recovery Taskforce

This group meets regularly to ensure a smooth and efficient recovery guided by the following principles:

  • Research: ascertaining and quantifying the economic impact that COVID-19 has had on the business community throughout the region
  • Advocacy: identifying key advocacy channels to emphasize the need for economic support for Niagara’s businesses
  • Resilience: connecting with and working in conjunction with the private sector and various industry groups in Niagara to develop long-term recovery plans based on Business Retention and Expansion principals


Recovery Sectors 

There are four priority sectors to support and integrate recovery activities. 

People & Communities

  • Considers impacts on the physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being of the population
  • Primarily concerns, but is not limited to, health and safety, mental health, community psychosocial, emotional, cultural, and spiritual well-being, vulnerable populations, cultural aspects, and interim housing
  • A focus on all sectors with a lens on the social determinants of health


  • Considers direct and indirect impacts on the local economy
  • Primarily concerns small, medium, and large enterprises, tourism and cultural livelihood, agriculture, and the broader economy
  • While economic recovery both locally, regionally, and provincially will take a combined effort from all levels of government working together, a plan based on research, advocacy, and resilience will set our economy on a path toward recovery


  • Considers impacts on the environment and steps needed to re-establish a healthy state while mitigating long-term impacts
  • Primarily concerns land degradation and contamination, the integration and use of green infrastructure, biodiversity and ecosystem impacts, cultural land use, and natural resource damage/loss
  • Our local environment plays a large role in the economic wellbeing of the community, as many of our local businesses rely on the local environment to produce fruit and vegetables such as peaches, apples, and grapes


  • Considers impacts on private and public physical infrastructure
  • Primarily concerns residential and commercial buildings, utilities, and infrastructure planning
  • Municipally lead infrastructure projects are included in our economic recovery efforts as it helps keep local firms and citizens employed


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