Active Transportation Advisory Committee

Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC)


  • Comprised of nine citizens, two Councillors and two staff representatives
  • ATAC advises Council on matters related to safe roads, active transportation and trails, monitor Transportation Master Plan and encourage, promote and participate in the planning of active transportation and safe roads policies, programs and facilities.


  • Serve as a liaison between the community and the Town on matters pertaining to active transportation
  • Monitor the implementation of active transportation components of the Transportation Master Plan, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Master Plan, and to take action to influence where necessary
  • Provide advice to staff in the development of transportation plans, policies, and programs to promote and encourage safety for all residents
  • Advise on the development, delivery and maintenance of active transportation policies, programs and facilities
  • Educate residents and businesses regarding the environmental, social, economic and health benefits of active transportation
  • Promote, support, and increase active transportation as a more routine component of the work/school commute, shopping, socializing and entertainment endeavours
  • Encourage citizens to use forms of active transportation through public outreach, education programs and events (e.g. monthly walks, etc.)
  • Educate the public on the benefits, necessities and safety aspects of active transportation
  • Provide input into the development of an effective public engagement strategy
  • Support active transportation as an economic driver
  • Collaborate with adjacent municipalities to support active transportation
  • Promote & enhance continuous and integrated cycling and leisure trails (i.e. trails, sidewalks, bicycle lanes) within Lincoln and with its neighbouring municipalities
  • Encourage legislation and policy changes that support and strengthen active transportation
  • Advise on new or improved transportation initiatives for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists
  • Assist in monitoring the effectiveness of all transportation and safety initiatives


Members Voting or Non-Voting
Andrew Bowles Voting
Larry Chettle Voting
Tom Clark Voting
Ken Mann Voting
Michael McRonald Voting
Carol Phillips (Chair) Voting
Tom Wiley Voting
Justin Zegers (Vice Chair) Voting
Councillor J.D. Pachereva  Non-voting
Councillor Adam Russell Non-voting
Sarah Ane (staff) Non-voting
Legislative Services Support Non-voting



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