Municipal Heritage Committee

Municipal Heritage Committee


  • Comprised of eleven community volunteers plus two members of Town Council

  • The Committee serves in an advisory capacity


  • Establish criteria for the evaluation of properties of architectural and/or historical value or interest
  • Prepare and maintain a list of properties and areas worthy of conservation
  • Advise Council on means of conserving heritage properties and areas
  • Advise Council on current heritage conservation legislation and assist Council in the preparation of municipal legislation to conserve heritage properties and areas
  • Implement programs and activities to increase public awareness and knowledge of heritage conservation issues
  • Advise and assist Council on all matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Advise and assist Council on any other matter relating to buildings and areas or architectural and/or historical significance
  • Administer properties acquired by the Town under section 38 of the Ontario Heritage Act

Current Members

Members Voting or Non-voting
Mark Castrodale Voting
Alex Cuberovic Voting
Gary Dandridge Voting
John Fisher Voting
Scott Foster Voting
Kim Kippen Voting
Barb Mitges Voting
Alex Pasquini (Vice-Chair) Voting
Michael Seaman (Chair) Voting
Councillor Tony Brunet Voting
Councillor Lynn Timmers Voting
Monika Cocchiara (staff) Non-voting 
Deputy Clerk  Non-voting 


Agendas & Minutes



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