Museum Advisory Committee

Museum Advisory Committee

The Museum Advisory Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to Council through reports to the Community Services and Infrastructure Committee, followed by final consideration and approval by Council. The Committee will oversee the implementation of the Museum’s Strategic Plan, focusing on the six strategic action areas outlined in the plan: Governance; Fundraising and Revenue Development; Exhibits, Outreach and Programs; Collections and Research; Marketing, Access and Branding; and Community Partnerships. 

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The Museum Advisory Committee will also support the work of the Museum and its staff, and will ensure that it meets professional standards outlined by the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries through the Standards for Community Museums in Ontario. The Committee will work to advance the Mission and Vision of the Museum as it strives to engage citizens in meaningful ways.

The Advisory Group shall have the following objectives and responsibilities:

  • Provide input into the implementation of museum’s Strategic Plan (monitoring progress);
  • Assist in the development of future strategic plans;
  • Formation of, and participation in sub-committees as deemed necessary (relating to strategic priorities outlined in the museum’s Strategic Plan, i.e fundraising, exhibits, collections, partnerships);
  • Support special projects furthering public awareness of and support for the Museum; and
  • Serve as museum ambassadors to champion positive community engagement and support of key initiatives.
  • Advance the Mission and Vision of the Museum


The Museum Advisory Committee shall be comprised of no less than seven (7) members of the public, two (2) appointed members of Town Council, support staff provided from Legislative Services and Community Services. 

Voting Members include Steve Barnhart, Donna Betts, Anna Chiota, Pauline Creighton (Vice Chair), Angela Lytle, Ruth Smith, Terry Teather (Chair), and Jane Woosley.

Non-Voting Members include Councillor Pachereva, Councillor Timmers, the Cultural Development Coordinator, and the Deputy Clerk.


The Museum Advisory Committee meetings and meeting materials can be found on our Council and Committee Calendar once published.

Sustainability Commitment Statement

On June 17, 2021, the Museum Advisory Committee endorsed the following sustainability commitment statement:

"On March 29, 2021, Council of the Town of Lincoln approved the Corporate Climate Adaptation Plan and accordingly, declared a Climate Crisis on April 19, 2021.

The Museum Advisory Committee supports the Town’s vision to strengthen the community’s response and adaptation to climate change and the commitment to expand and utilize available resources to prepare for, respond to, and move toward a more sustainable future.

As such, the Museum Advisory Committee recommends that the Museum and Cultural Centre implement environmentally sustainable practices, including energy use, waste management and conservation and to raise public awareness of environmental, economic and social sustainability through conversation, exhibitions and programming."  


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