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Standing Committees of Council

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Council & Standing Committees adhere to the Town's Procedural By-law 


In Lincoln, Standing Committees consist of all Council members. These committees carry out much of the work of council and then report back to council with recommendations.

  • Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting with three (3) areas of focus: Community Services & Infrastructure, General Business & Finance, and Planning & Economic Development.
  • Committee of the Whole – Workshop (COWW)
    • Matters where committee time is required for:
      • Training and education
      • discussions with other levels of government and outside agencies
      • workshops on complex matters
      • strategic planning or consideration of additional matters
  • Budget Committee
    • Matters where committee deliberate on the Budget, but not limited to: setting fees and charges; current and capital budgets; and compliance with laws, regulations and policies.
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