Appear as a Delegation

Be Engaged! Appear as a Delegation to Council or Committee

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Delegations are individuals or groups requesting permission to appear before a Standing Committee or Council. Delegations are encouraged to bring their information to the appropriate Standing Committee to allow members to consider all information before making their recommendations to Council.

Any individual or group requesting to speak at a Standing Committee or Council Meeting must first register as a delegation by completing the online registration form. Shortly after submission, staff will notify you if your request has been approved. The Clerk shall determine the appropriate Meeting date that a request for any Delegation may be listed.

Statutory Public Hearings

Delegations will be permitted without prior registration during any Public Meeting as required by section 14.1 of the Planning Act. Delegations are strongly encouraged to register before the standard delegation registration deadline and will be asked to fill in an attendance form to fulfill legislative notice requirements.

No Delegations from the public will be permitted at a Workshop. Additionally, delegations related to labour relations, ongoing legal proceedings, solicitation of business, matters that are not within the Town’s jurisdiction, or are anticipated to engage in unreasonable or offensive conduct and/or behaviour will not be permitted to appear as a delegate to Committee or Council.

Please note that submission of a delegation form does not guarantee the approval of your request for a delegation. Further, if you are registering only to be an observer in the audience and do not wish to speak, you do not need to register as a delegate, and can watch the live webcast on the Town's YouTube channel.

How long can I speak for?

In accordance with Procedural By-Law 2022-04, delegates are allowed a maximum of five (5) minutes to address Committee or Council. The allotted time includes any audio or video presentations but does not include answering questions from Members of Council. The speaking time for a Delegation may only be extended by majority vote of the Members of Council present.

If your delegation consists of a group of five or more people, one spokesperson may speak for a maximum of five (5) minutes

Please note that you cannot address Committee or Council on the same issue more than once unless you are providing new information. The new information must be outlined in a delegation form and submitted to the Clerk's office for review.

Preparing your Delegation Materials

Materials relating to your delegation need to be submitted to the Clerk’s Office at the time of registration. Presentations must be in PowerPoint or Adobe PDF.

Delegations should prepare their presentation material using accessible formatting, suggestions include:

  • using large font size (18 points or higher)
  • including only a few bulleted points per slide
  • using a high contract colour scheme such as black or dark blue text on white background
  • adding captions or alternative text to Images or graphics

Any written correspondence will be shared with Council and/or committee members and staff. Further, written correspondence will also be included on the agenda which will be published on the Town's Website and will form part of the public record. Please note, staff will not be providing hard copies to Council.

Delegation Decorum

Delegations must abide by the rules of procedure and public conduct at Meetings. They will accept any decisions of the Chair and not enter into cross debate with Members of Council, other Delegations, or staff. Any discourse between Members and the Delegation will be limited to Members asking questions for clarification and obtaining additional, relevant information only. For more information, view the Rules of Delegation.


Petitions submitted during a public meeting are considered part of the public record. If you wish to submit a petition, please ensure everyone who has signed the document understands that their personal information will be available to the public and will not be protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

The following requirements apply to every Petition submitted to the Town of Lincoln, attention to the Clerk:

a) the Petition must be addressed to the Town and contain a clear statement/purpose and outlining the request of a particular action within the authority of Council;

b) by typed or legibly handwritten in pen (no pencil);

c) use an appropriate and respectful tone. It must not contain any improper or offensive language or information;

d) clearly disclose on each page that it will be considered a public document and that the information contained in it may be subject to the scrutiny of the Town and Members of the general public;

e) the name of a spokesperson (or “principal Petitioner”) including their local address, telephone number and email address;

f) each Petitioner must print and sign their own name, original signatures only and provide their local address; and

g) electronic Petitions, each signatory must provide their name, address and valid email address.


All information submitted is considered public and therefore subject to full disclosure under MFIPPA.

For questions or further information

Contact the Clerk's Department by email or at 905-563-2799 ext. 513

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