Rules of Delegations

Rules of Delegations at Standing Committee & Council

The purpose of the delegation process is to allow residents to make their views known to Council.

Council values and welcomes input, comments, and suggestions. Since Council generally has to consider a large number of issues and concerns at any given time, the following protocol is observed:

  1. When called upon by the Chair of the meeting the delegation representative shall proceed immediately to the podium at the front of the Council Chambers
  2. Remarks should be brief and to a maximum length of five minutes
  3. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our timelines have been altered to accommodate delegations. Deadline for Registration: For Council and committee meetings, delegation requests are accepted until 12 p.m. on the Friday prior to the meeting

  4. Discussion on topics other than the subject matter of the delegation request will not be permitted. Subsequent delegations on the same topic, without significant new information, will not be permitted
  5. Delegations must abide by the rules of procedure and public conduct at meetings. They will accept any decisions of the Chair and not enter in a debate with members, other delegations, or staff. Any discourse between members and the delegation will be limited to members asking questions for clarification and obtaining additional, relevant information only.
  6. Please address your remarks to the Chair and Members of the Committee (or if you are at Council to the Mayor and Members of Council. After you complete your presentation, remain at the podium and the Chair (or the Mayor at Council) will ask Members of Council if they have any questions for you.
  7. Once all questions have been asked, the Chair (or Mayor at Council) will thank you for your presentation and you can return to your seat in the gallery. Following questions, Committee will not entertain any more comments from the delegation.
  8. Members of the public are reminded to refrain from making audible comments or noise (i.e. applause) while in the public gallery.
  9. Please note that submission of a delegation form does not guarantee the approval of your request for a delegation. In addition, all information submitted will be considered to be public information and therefore subject to full disclosure, under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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