Integrity Commissioner

Integrity Commissioner

On October 2, 2017, Council adopted a Code of Conduct for the Mayor and Members of Council which recommended appointing an Integrity Commissioner.

The Town of Lincoln’s Integrity Commissioner is Principles Integrity, a partnership operated by its two principals Jeffrey Abrams and Janice Atwood-Petkovski. Principles Integrity has been appointed by Council as the Town of Lincoln’s Integrity Commissioner.

Role of the Integrity Commissioner:

An integrity commissioner is independent and impartial, and reports directly to Council. In addition to specific powers and duties that Council may choose to assign, the core functions of an integrity commissioner are set out in the Municipal Act, 2001.

The responsibilities of an integrity commissioner include:

  • Providing advice to Council on the Code of Conduct for Members of Council and on Codes of Conduct applicable to members of the Town’s local boards
  • Providing advice to Council on the development of procedures, rules and policies of the municipality governing the ethical behaviour of members of Council and of local boards
  • Acting as a proactive educator for Council and local boards, the Civic Administration and the public
  • Serving as an advisor to individual members of Council and local boards in relation to the applicable Code of Conduct and any procedures, rules and policies of the municipality governing their ethical behaviour, including the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act
  • Receiving and reviewing complaints about breaches of ethical behaviour including conflict of interest matters, and seeking an appropriate resolution in each case
  • Where it is in the public interest to do so, conducting formal investigations and making findings and recommendations to Council or the applicable local board
  • Providing periodic reports to Council, summarizing their activities and summarizing important developments in the field

About Principles Integrity

Janice Atwood-Petkovski and Jeffrey Abrams:

The principals of Principles Integrity are experienced lawyers with over 30 years each in a variety of Ontario Municipalities. Mr. Abrams was called to the Bar in 1985, Ms. Atwood-Petkovski was called to the Bar in 1987, and each have practiced as municipal lawyers and governance experts.

In 2017, Mr. Abrams and Ms Atwood-Petkovski formed Principles Integrity, a partnership focused on accountability and governance matters for municipalities. The firm has been appointed Integrity Commissioner in over twenty Ontario municipalities. Principles Integrity was also utilized to develop the Town’s new code of conduct.

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