State of Lincoln Address - 2018

Guiding Transformational Change in Lincoln

Future Focus

Since the beginning of this term of Council, Council and staff have been focusing on a number of key priorities. Future Focus is Council’s strategic plan that outlines these high priority items. It also highlights more than 100 other actions and initiatives contained in the strategic plan.

The thrust of Future Focus is about transformational change; the kind of change that is helping us move closer to the Town’s vision of a community that offers citizens A Place to Grow. A Place to Prosper. A Place to Belong. Council developed this vision in consultation with citizens across Lincoln who shared their ideas about an ideal community and about their hopes and dreams for our community. Our vision guides Council and staff each day as we make decisions, deliver services and plan for the future.

How are we changing?

  1. By doing business differently
  2. By making strategic investments to preserve, enhance or acquire new community assets, and;
  3. By pursuing and creating opportunities to bring people together – opportunities that enhance both their ability and their desire to participate in the life of the community.


Doing Business Differently

Changing the way we do business has involved modernizing our systems and processes to improve customer service. We have begun to transition to making more tasks available online to make things easier for the resident. This includes registering for various summer and recreational programs, applying for permits, and making complaints or suggestions.

We have also updated our accounting systems, moving many of our services to optional online processing. This includes paying for parking tickets, fire inspections, and burning permits. We recognize the need for convenience in this increasingly digital world. We are happy to give residents the ability to complete tasks outside of normal business hours. In short, we are embracing technology to provide better customer service and become a more efficient and effective organization.

Public Engagement

  • When it comes to public consultation, we are going the extra mile to seek input from the public on issues and projects.
  • Your Council cares what people think and believes it is important to provide opportunities for residents to share their thoughts, ideas and views.
  • The public consultation process for the Prudhomme’s project – one of the most exciting developments in the town’s history – took place over two years because it is vital we get projects like this right.


  • We are working hard to do a better job of communicating with residents, because they have a right to know what is happening in their community and how they can get involved.
  • We have invested in communications, hiring in-house expertise to help us create opportunities for meaningful, two-way communication with residents.
  • To help achieve this we developed and launched a robust website and are proactively using social media to talk with residents.

By-law Enforcement

  • A real practical example of how we are doing business differently is the improvement we have made to our ability to respond to complaints about by-law infractions.
  • We have brought the enforcement function in-house, meaning we now have Town staff dedicated to responding to complaints and to enforcing Town by-laws.

Economic Development Office

  • We have secured hands-on expertise to help us with our economic development activities. This vital role ensures that resources are available to help support local employers, which create the vast majority of new jobs in any community.
  • We are now better able to help business people and other investors navigate government so they can establish faster and more smoothly.
  • The Town’s economic development officer is also helping us strengthen relationships with our regional, provincial and federal partners.

Partnering with other Levels of Government

  • Over the past four years, the Town has received nearly $10 million from other levels of government.
  • These funds have helped us complete and enhance projects that positively benefit our community.
  • A great example is the Konkle Creek Naturalization Project. With over $600,000 funded by the Province’s Clean Water Wastewater Fund, the project will begin this year providing stormwater and erosion issues, along with enhancing our active transportation network with trails.



The second way we are making transformational change in Lincoln is through strategic investments in infrastructure and other community assets across the Town.

Jordan Village

  • In Jordan, we are investing $6 million in a much-needed plan to realign the intersection at 19th and King St. With the help and input of local residents and business owners, we created a comprehensive plan.
  • The plan is about:
    • Creating new, attractive space for people to gather and support new commerce planned for the area.
    • Accommodating special events and activities, such as a farmers’ market to draw residents and visitors.
    • Increasing traffic and pedestrian safety, which has long been a concern, by turning a confusing 5-way intersection into a 4-way and installing a traffic light. And;
    • Enhancing an historic village and neighbourhood, and creating a better place for residents, businesses and visitors.

Transportation and Roads

  • Since 2014, we have invested $11 million to maintain, upgrade or reconstruct roads.
  • By investing a little to keep good roads in good condition, we avoided nearly $10 million worth of major repair or reconstruction work
  • We are addressing road safety through various efforts – our speed reduction program using digital signs to determine roads where reducing speed is key, using traffic calming strategies like speed humps, increasing enforcement with support from NRPS.

Prokich Park

  • The Prokich family generously donated a portion of the park land to the Town, in honour of Angelina Prokich, and in turn, the Town is investing $1 million in the park to make it a great place for leisure and recreation for people of all ages.

Community Connectedness

We are working on projects and initiatives that enable people to come together – to play, to learn, to celebrate our history, to explore arts and culture, or just to gather and socialize.

Places that bring people together are among our most precious assets because they foster and support a sense of community. Vibrant, healthy and prosperous communities create opportunities for people to connect with each other and with places.


  • Prudommes is a great example of what planners call a “complete community,” which offers a mix of residential options, commercial facilities, amenities, and recreational space.
  • This site has a long history as a place for business, for people to gather and to enjoy access to the waterfront.

Museum and Cultural Centre

  • The proposed new Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre (the Jordan Historical Museum of the Twenty) will be another jewel in Lincoln’s crown.
  • The museum will not only provide a home for its extensive collection of historical artifacts, but will also provide multi-purpose space for cultural exhibitions and a wide variety of public events and activities.

Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan

  • The Town has begun working on a Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan that will outline how we want to continue developing our sports, recreation, parks and cultural programs and facilities.
  • It starts with gathering information from residents to understand what families and individuals want, what the gaps are, and how best to address them.


  • We introduced the uLinc transit pilot in the fall of 2017. It is a free bus service that links Beamsville, Vineland and Jordan and will help us determine if there is enough need and desire for a permanent service.
  • Transit service is a key element of complete communities as it provides access to reliable, affordable transportation to those who prefer this mode of transportation or have no alternative means of getting around.
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