About the Town Hall Departments

If you would like to contact a specific department call or email Town Hall, and your message, call or email will be directed to the desired department. 

Office of The Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible for oversight and administration of the Town’s services. The CAO Implements the policies and direction of Council. With support from the senior management team, develops strategic planning initiatives for the organization.

The CAO’s office oversees the following functions:

  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications
  • Economic Development and Tourism
  • Government Affairs


Contact the CAO:
Michael Kirkopoulos
Chief Administrative Officer

Legislative Services

Legislative Services is responsible for a variety of corporate, administrative and legislative functions. Legislative Services can be described as the General Information Centre for the municipality and is generally the first point of contact for the public and for other agencies and governments. 

Some department functions include:

  • Statutory duties of the municipal clerk
  • Issues various licenses, including lottery licenses
  • Manages the Town's records
  • Conducts municipal elections
  • Prepares Council and Committee agendas and minutes

Financial Services Department 

Financial services at Town Hall serves to control all funds of the Town. This involves collecting, recording and paying out funds in a manner that the laws of Ontario and the by-laws and resolutions of Council direct. 

The department functions include:


Fire Services

Lincoln Fire Rescue is a composite fire department that relies on fully trained men and women from throughout our community who serve as volunteer firefighters. The service is comprised of over 100 volunteer firefighters for emergency response, and two full-time Fire Prevention Officers, a Deputy Fire Chief, and a Fire Chief.

The department functions include:

  • Emergency response
  • Community emergency management
  • Fire prevention
  • By-Law inspection and enforcement


Public Works Department 

The Public Works department administers the construction, operation and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of the Town such as road network, water and wastewater systems and construction activities.

The department functions include:

  • Transportation services - maintains roads, storm sewers, bridges, culverts, sidewalks and streetlights
  • Environmental services - Ensures clean drinking water and maintains sanitary sewers and storm water management ponds
  • Engineering services - Includes review of development proposals, and administration of construction activities


Planning and Development Department 

The Planning department oversees planning initiatives to support effective and responsible growth and development in Lincoln. The department is responsible for a wide variety of functions associated with planning and land use

The department functions include:

  • Planning policy development
  • Building & planning development applications and analysis
  • By-law & municipal law enforcement
  • Heritage

Community Services

The Community Services department fosters the wellbeing of individuals and communities, and our built and natural environments by facilitating the development of sport, recreation, and cultural opportunities, services and facilities. Responsible for services such as community development, children and youth programs, parks, museum, trails, cemeteries, Town facilities, and customer service.

The department functions include:

  • Community development
  • Children and youth programs and services
  • Community events
  • Facility services
  • Cemeteries
  • Parks and trails
  • Culture & Museum
  • Tree services
  • Customer service


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