Development Charges

Purpose of Development Charges

To offset the cost of growth, the Town sets and collects development charges on residential and non-residential development. The current Development Charges By-law No. 2018-93 was approved by Council on October 1, 2018 and came into effect on April 30, 2019. By-law No. 2018-93 was developed in conformance with the Development Charges Act.

The Town recognizes that growth continues to generate additional pressures on its municipal infrastructure and thus its financing. Development charges (DCs) are fees collected from builders and developers at the building permit stage to help offset the cost of growth related infrastructure required to service to new development including roads, fire protection, parks and recreation services, library services, water services, wastewater services, stormwater drainage and control services, and growth related studies.

The Development Charges Act provides that any municipality wishing to impose development charges would meet specific criteria and must approve an appropriate by-law. As a result, the Town retained the firm Watson and Associates to undertake the Development Charge Background Study and recommend a proposed Development Charge By-law. A public meeting occurred on June 18, 2018, to gain input from stakeholders and the public. The Development Charge By-law No. 2018-93 was subsequently adopted by Council on October 1, 2018. By-law No. 2018-93 sets the development charge rates for residential and non-residential development, the apportionment of the charges for the various services, the method of collection and the conditions under which a development is subject to the charge and exemptions from the payment of development charges.

In accordance with the requirements of the Development Charges Act and the Development Charges By-law, a development charge can be applied as a condition of any of the following, where the development of the land will increase the need for services:

  • Building Permit
  • Consent
  • Minor Variance
  • Plan of Condominium
  • Plan of Subdivision
  • Zoning By-law Amendment

Development Charges Update

The Town has undertaken an amendment to 2018 Development Charges Background Report and the Town’s 2018 Development Charges By-law No. 2018-93 in order to comply with changes legislated through Bill 108, More Homes, More Choices Act, 2019 and Bill 197, COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, 2020. The Development Charges Background Report and update to the 2018 Development Charges By-law also addressed some changes in costs for park development and water services. A thorough Development Charge background study will still be completed in 2023 in accordance with the Development Charges Act.  On May 2, 2022, Town Council approved the DC Study Background Report.  On May 2, 2022 Town Council also approved By-law No. 2022-30 which amends the 2018 Development Charges By-law No. 2018-93 and an interest rate policy.

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Development Charges By-law History

Current Development Charges

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