Economic Development

Grow with Us

In Lincoln, the door is wide open for business. As a Centre of Excellence for Agriculture and a part of Niagara region, Lincoln boasts some of North America’s most fertile soil. Lincoln is growing more than the world’s most delicious and safe produce, it’s also developing robust wine, technology, manufacturing and tourism companies experiencing above average growth.

The Town of Lincoln's Economic Development Office is dedicated to creating new opportunities for growth in every sector of the community. For more information, inquiries or feedback regarding Lincoln’s economic development, please contact Paul Di Ianni, Economic Development Officer, 905-563-2799, ext. 272 

Quick Facts

Land area: 162.86 km2 
Population: 23, 787
Population density: 146/km2
Gender distribution: 51.1% female, 48.9% male
Population growth (1971-2011): increase of 57.83%
Projected growth: 4th fastest growing municipality in Niagara and will increase in population approximately 50%, to 32,000 in the next 15 years
Development: Lincoln ranks in the high category of building construction, along with Grimsby and Niagara-on-the-Lake

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