Doing Business in Lincoln

Why do business in Lincoln?

"Lincoln has been my chosen home and place of business for over 25 years and I truly believe we have the best of all worlds right here."


    • A quickly growing region
    • A competitive, low Net Municipal Levy Per capita
    • High ranking on industrial and business cost competitiveness scales
    • A municipal government proven to manage business right
    • Keeps taxes at an appropriate level
    • Financial incentives program
    • Demonstrates consistent value for services provided
    • Quick and easy transportation corridors - five border crossings within an hour's drive
    • Highly skilled workforce in the sectors of: healthcare, tourism, finance, manufacturing, agriculture and education 
    • Affordable cost of living
    • Lincoln is part of the 12 municipalities that make up the exciting new Niagara Foreign Trade Zone Point (2016 designation).
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