Economic Development and Planning Studies

Economic Development and Planning Studies in Progress

The Town of Lincoln is in the process of undertaking three projects to provide direction for future economic development in the community, including:

  1. Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

  2. Employment Lands Supply Analysis
  3. Employment Lands Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

These three projects will set out a guiding path to economic diversification and growth for the Town that will focus on recognizing and assisting our existing businesses to enhance their prosperity, while also laying a path for outside investment that will attract new businesses.

About the Projects

The Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan will:

  • Result in a targeted strategy and action plan to guide economic development efforts in the community over the next five years
  • Be action-based and focus on priorities, implementation and measurement
  • Recommend specific incentive programs and other actionable ways the Town can support our existing businesses, while attracting investment from outside of the municipality

The Employment Lands Supply Analysis will:

  • Consider the expected growth that the Town is forecasted to experience and enhance the local economy by evaluating available employment lands and quantifying the employment opportunities that will be needed for the community to prosper
  • Determine employment land supply needs and provide direction for employment land development in the community

The Community Improvement Plan will:

  • Implement a strategy to promote, accommodate and manage employment land development associated with the significant growth that is anticipated in Lincoln between 2016 and 2041
  • Enhance the economy by ensuring future prosperity for the Town’s current agriculture, industries and businesses while introducing new businesses that can enrich the quality of life for the broad community

Project Milestones

The Town of Lincoln has engaged two consulting firms to assist in these projects – Sierra Planning and Management and the Global Investment Attraction Group.

The three projects started in November 2017 and are expected to be completed in June 2018.

November 2017-January 2018 

  • Background Review
  • Situational Analysis
  • Employment Lands Supply Characterization

February-March 2018

  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Community Engagement

April-June 2018

  • Draft/Final Reports


    For More Information:

    For additional information on these three projects, please contact:

    • Paul Di Ianni, Economic Development Officer, 905-563-2799, ext. 272 
    • Matt Bruder, Associate Director of Planning and Development, 905-563-2799, ext. 231
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