Financial Incentives

The Town of Lincoln partners with Niagara Region to offer access to a variety of financial incentives to developers, investors and business owners to promote and support development, business growth and economic prosperity. The Town will work with you to identify and access the programs available for your project.

Community Improvement Plans

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a planning and economic development framework that may include public realm improvement projects and financial incentives programs designed to stimulate private sector investment and foster rehabilitation and development. A CIP allows for a variety of financial grants and loans to assist registered property owners and tenants of lands and buildings within Community Improvement Areas in rehabilitating their properties.

To date, the Town of Lincoln has approved four Community Improvement Plans. They include the Industrial Lands and Rural Area CIP, the Mixed Use and Residential Intensification CIP, the Vineland Central Business District CIP and the CIP for the Beamsville Central Business District and the Ontario Street Commercial Area.

Looking for more information? View our Four Community Improvement Plans

Niagara Foreign Trade Zone

Niagara’s designation as a Canadian Foreign Trade Zone Point offers businesses the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of public and private sector experts to access information, programs and incentives specifically developed to help companies initiate and improve their international trade efforts. By working with the Niagara Foreign Trade Zone, companies and suppliers involved in the production of products for final export to other countries can find and apply for tax, duty and tariff exemptions that can significantly improve their bottom line.

Town of Lincoln businesses can leverage five core programs to save working capital and time spent on unnecessary transactions:

  1. Custom bonded warehouse program
  2. Duties relief program
  3. Export distribution centre program
  4. Drawback program
  5. Exporters of processing service program

The Niagara Foreign Trade Zone also provides streamlined access to other government agencies, including:

For more information, please visit the Niagara Foreign Trade Zone Website or contact Paul Di Ianni, Director, Economic Development and Communications, by email or phone, 905-563-2799, ext. 272.

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