Tourism, Gateways & Wayfinding Strategy

Tourism, Gateway & Wayfinding Strategy


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  2. Contact the project lead, Paul Di Ianni by email or phone: 905-563-2799 ext. 272

Upcoming engagement for the entire community:

  • Online survey - Completed September/early October 2019
  • Public Information Session (Oct. 16,  2019) - Attend an open house session to learn more and provide feedback
  • Planning and Economic Development Committee (November 2019) - Staff recommendation report, along with final strategy, considered for approval, and then ratification by Council

Project description:

Council, as a means of stimulating economic growth, invested in a tourism, gateway & wayfinding strategy in early 2019. The contract was awarded to consultants in March 2019. The Town’s Official Plan recognizes the importance of the tourism industry, with tourism objectives in the Community Vision and land use policies for urban and agricultural lands.

Purpose of a Tourism Plan in Lincoln

Lincoln is home to the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, unique "bench" geological formation, 16 km of Lake Ontario shoreline, the pristine and historic Jordan Harbour, and the largest wine-growing sectors in Ontario; all located in Ontario’s Greenbelt.  A tourism plan is necessary to:

  • Protect and enhance Lincoln's one-of-a-kind features
  • Support tourism as the most important economic driver to create and sustain jobs and contribute to the local economy
  • Consolidate the efforts of local, regional and provincial governments, businesses, tourism organizations and community groups
  • Provide an action plan and phasing strategy for the Town to promote Lincoln as a tourist destination, to evaluate development proposals and to carry out programs and construction that will benefit the community

Purpose of Gateways and Wayfinding

The key to a successful tourism operation is customer satisfaction; the ease of movement between destinations like restaurants, shops, parking, trails and amenities will make or break the tourist experience

With so many ecological, heritage and cultural features to offer, clear signage and instructions for reaching tourist destinations plays a vital role in promoting Lincoln as an ideal tourist destination

Strategy Objectives:

  1. Develop ways to attract more tourists to Lincoln to strengthen the Town’ economic base
  2. Recognize Lincoln as a Greenbelt community with ecological, heritage and cultural resources to be protected
  3. Consider the needs, wants and desires of all stakeholders – government, agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses and citizens – when developing strategies
  4. Ensure strategies are logical, dynamic, welcoming, economically viable, sustainable and defensible
  5. Ensure strategies are responsive to the needs of tourists, abilities, citizens and the environment

Project timeline: Initiated March 2019 with completion estimated by end of 2019

    Project team:

    • Paul Di Ianni, Economic Development Officer
    • Matt Bruder, Associate Director, Planning & Development
    • Sarah Ane, Associate Director, Community Services
    • Gillian Harris, Manager, Environmental Services
    • Carrie Beatty, Chief Communications & Public Affairs Officer


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