Emergency Plan

Town of Lincoln Community  Emergency Plan 

The Emergency Plan is an operational guideline for managing an appropriate response to any emergency situation that occurs within, or causes an impact within, its municipal boundaries. Developed in collaboration with key officials, agencies and departments, it is a guideline that describes the legal authorities and outlines collective and individual roles and responsibilities with respect to responding to, and recovering from an emergency.

This Plan has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to any emergency or crisis situation that may affect Lincoln and meets the requirements for a municipal emergency response plan in accordance with provincial legislation.

This Plan will:

  • Define an emergency within the municipal context
  • Describe emergency control structure to be used by Lincoln to manage the incident
  • Describe the procedure for declaring an Emergency
  • Define the emergency assistance structures that may be employed during any event


In order for it to be operationally sound, identified municipal departments, emergency services and other key stakeholder agencies must:

  • Maintain familiarity with the Plan contents
  • Remain committed to participation in annual mandated training and exercises
  • Ensure any required emergency supporting / departmental plans are in place as required
  • Contribute to the annual Plan review to ensure its contents remain current and appropriate

This Plan is intended to be the primary tool for the strategic incident management of any major event impacting the Town of Lincoln, and as such it must be supported by operational guidelines, procedures, and protocols as developed on an as-required basis.

Town of Lincoln Emergency Plan

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