Fire Incident Reports

Obtaining a Fire Incident Report

After a fire occurs, property owners, tenants, insurance companies, or other parties may request a copy of the Fire Incident Report to verify that the fire did indeed occur.  The report contains a summary of basic information pertaining to the incident that was collected in accordance with the reporting requirements of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act

To obtain the report:

Please read through the information below and remember to attach any additional information as noted.

  • A fee of $100 is required to process the request.
  • Please return the form and pay in-person at Town Hall OR mail the form with a cheque (Attn: Fire Chief, 4800 South Service Rd., Beamsville, ON L0R1B1) 
  • Cheques should be made out to the Town of Lincoln. 
  • The Fire Incident Report will be only provided to the owner of the property, and to agencies or individuals who provide proof that the owner authorizes the release of information to them

Fill out the form to request your report


If information beyond that which is contained in the Fire Incident Report is required, or if the requestor does not have the consent of the property owner to obtain a copy of the report, access to information under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act may be requested by contacting the Clerks Department.


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