Police & Ambulance

Regional Police and Ambulance Services


The Town of Lincoln is served by two police agencies:

  • The Niagara Regional Police Service is the primary provider of local police services
  • Additionally, the Ontario Provincial Police services the Queen Elizabeth Way

Niagara Regional Police Service:

  • The NRPS is the oldest regional police service in Ontario
  • In an area of 1,863 square kilometres, the NRPS patrols one of Ontario's largest geographic regions; it serves an estimated 447,000 residents and 15,000,000 visitors annually.
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Ontario Provincial Police:

  • The Town of Lincoln is located within the Ontario Provincial Police’s Greater Toronto Region (GTR) service area.
  • The GTR service area includes approximately 16,618 square kilometers, and over 2,759 kilometres of highways
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Ambulance and Pre-Hospital Care

Ambulance and Paramedic Services for the Town of Lincoln are provided by Niagara Region:

  • Niagara EMS (NEMS) is responsible for providing 24-hour evidence based emergency pre-hospital medical care and transportation to individuals experiencing injury or illness.
  • NEMS is a team of highly qualified front-line paramedics and advanced emergency medical dispatchers work with equipment and technology to ensure the residents and visitors of Niagara receive the highest level of care available
  • In addition to ambulances, NEMS operates a number of Paramedic Response Units and various emergency and logistical support vehicles
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