Heritage Properties

Buildings & Properties Rich in History

Every community in Ontario has its own unique heritage. There are places in every city, town, or region that convey a sense of the past, contribute character and reflect the stories of the people who have lived there.

Formal designation of such heritage properties is one way of publicly acknowledging their value to the community while encouraging their conservation for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Heritage is a key component of a community's culture.

    Designated Heritage Properties in Lincoln 

    Property & By-law


    Clinton Town Hall, Lincoln Public Library

    4996 Beam St, Beamsville

    St. Johns Anglican Church

    3685 McKenzie Dr., Jordan

    Fry House/School House/Haines Cemetery

    3802 Main Street, Jordan

    Culp Barn

    3227 Culp Rd, Vineland

    Vintage House

    3852 Main St, Jordan

    Stouck Smokehouse

    4055 King St, Beamsville

    Marlatt Farmstead

    5499 Philip Road, Beamsville

    Durham-Devries House

    5567 Fly Rd., Beamsville

    Fretz Smokehouse

    4420 Twenty-First St, Vineland

    Moote – Bartfai House

    3617 Springcreek Rd, Vineland

    Tufford – Romagnoli House

    4763 King St, Beamsville

    Beam – Barnes House

    5053 King St, Beamsville

    Woodburn Cottage

    4918 King St, Beamsville

    The Howard House

    4271 Queen St, Beamsville

    The Crowe – May House

    2044 King St, Jordan

    The William D. Kitchen House

    5600 King St, Beamsville

    The Overholdt House

    3150 Culp Rd, Jordan

    Mennonite Burying Ground

    Vineland Cemetery, Vineland

    The Bucknall Barn

    4113 Fly Road, Campden

    The Henry W. Moyer – Humphrey House

    4225 Fly Rd, Campden

    The Tufford – Easton House

    5031 Philp Rd E, Beamsville

    The Mountain Mennonite Cemetery

    Fly Rd & Tintern Rd, Campden

    Beamsville District Secondary School

    4317 Central Ave., Beamsville

    Former Campden Public School

    4160 Fly Rd., Campden

    Former Campden Trinity Evangelical United Brethren Church 4170 Fly Rd., Campden
    Moyer-Moroz House 4105 Fly Rd., Campden


    Non-Designated Heritage Properties in Lincoln

    The Register of Cultural Heritage Properties in the Town of Lincoln was approved by Council on October 5, 2020 and identifies non-designated properties of Cultural or Heritage Value or Interest under Section 27 (3) of the Ontario Heritage Act. Below is a list of all properties currently included on the Town's Heritage Register (as of October 2020). The register is subject to change at any time. Please contact the Planning Department for the most up-to-date information.

    View the Town of Lincoln Heritage Register

    Owners of listed properties intending to demolish or remove a building or structure on the property must give the Town at least 60 days notice to consider whether long-term protection of the property should be sought through formal designation process.

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