Heritage Committee

The Town of Lincoln Municipal Heritage Committee is comprised of nine community volunteers plus one member of Town Council. The Committee's serves in an advisory nature and the mandate is to:

  • Establish criteria for the evaluation of properties of architectural and/or historical value or interest
  • Prepare and maintain a list of properties and areas worthy of conservation
  • Advise Council on means of conserving heritage properties and areas
  • advise Council on current heritage conservation legislation and assist Council in the preparation of municipal legislation to conserve heritage properties and areas
  • Implement programs and activities to increase public awareness and knowledge of heritage conservation issues
  • Advise and assist Council on all matters relating to the Ontario Heritage Act
  • Advise and assist Council on any other matter relating to buildings and areas or architectural and/or historical significance
  • Administer properties acquired by the Town under section 38 of the Ontario Heritage Act
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