Housing and Homelessness Community Partnership Advisory Committee

Housing and Homelessness Community Partnership Advisory Committee

As the Town of Lincoln works to build capacity and community partnerships related to attainable housing, including developing guidelines for inclusion into design and construction of attainable housing, research, assembling input on policy and Town initiatives, and providing recommendations which will ultimately improve the housing needs of the community.


The Town of Lincoln - Housing and Homelessness, Community Partnership Advisory Committee shall provide Council with recommendations on policy and municipal actions that will increase the supply of diverse market, co-op and non-profit rental and ownership housing options for low and moderate income households. Although Niagara Region has the overall legislated responsibility for attainable housing, it does not control local strategies such as zoning or municipal incentive programs related to attainable housing. The Committee will recommend initiatives to Council that will enable an increase in the supply of attainable housing in the community.

Guiding Principles

  • Explore existing relationships which assist to support housing that accommodates the broadest range of income levels as well as housing for those with special needs;
  • To support a mix of housing types, densities, design, and tenure including attainable housing to meet projected demographic and market requirements of current and future residents;
  • To support a range and mix of housing types to allow residents to remain in the community for their entire lifecycle. 
Members  Voting or Non-Voting
Joanne Heritz Voting
Lori Hurley Voting
Ken Taylor Voting
Matthew Stanton Voting
Noel Walker Voting
Councillor Dianne Rintjema Non-Voting
Councillor Lynn Timmers Non-Voting
Councillor Tony Brunet (Vice-Chair) Voting
Councillor Mike Mikolic (Chair) Voting
Director of Special Projects Non-Voting
Director of Legislative Services/Town Clerk Non-Voting



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